101 Experts Share Their Tips for Online Success

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This is crazy.
It all started as a small idea…I wanted to make a roundup of 7-12 experts about a certain topic.
After that, Anthony Robbins’voice resonated in my head: “How can you add more value to people?”.

(It’s one of most useful question that I’ve ever heard!)

Then I started thinking that I had to do something than no one has never done.
Suddently, everything become clear: “I’ll make the most extreme and useful roundup ever.”
I put together the wisdom of 101 of the most successful experts about blogging, online business, internet marketing, etc…

And here we are: 14,744 words, 101 experts, more than 30 days spent on a single post.
I’m sure that you’ll find at least one inspiring takeaway to apply to your case in this post.

ATTENTION: This post is massive so you could be overwhelmed by it – resulting in no action.

Choose the topic that you think it’s the most important in you case and pick 1-2 tips, apply them. Once you apply them, come back to work on something else. (Thanks to Chris and Nathalie for these suggentions)


Get Traffic

How do you build a steady flow of traffic to your blog?

Ti Roberts

Ti RobertsI do this two ways:

The first is by doing A LOT of authentic engagement and interaction with other bloggers in my niche. I do a high amount of blog commenting on a lot of related blogs (at least 5 a day on blogs that use either the Disqus or Commentluv commenting system).

I always leave high-quality comments that add value and share my personal insight.
These type of comments are looked favorably upon and increases the chances of provoking interaction from the webmaster and their readers.

I’ve found that this keeps a steady flow of new traffic coming to my blog site (outside of other high leverage traffic methods) while at the same time building valuable connections and relationships with the webmaster.

The connections that you build through blog commenting are truly invaluable because they can lead to many more high profile opportunities like guest posts, interviews, JV partnerships and more.

The second way is by leveraging my email list of subscribers. Whenever I publish new content, I email my subscribers to notify them of my new post.

This keeps a steady flow of repeat traffic coming to my blog and keeps the engagement and interaction levels high on my posts.

Having your own email list of subscribers is like having a personal genie in a bottle – it’s traffic on demand and no one can steal it from you.

Ti Roberts is an enthusiastic internet/affiliate marketer and blogger, other than a great web traffic expert, with 7 years of experience.


Ana Hoffman

Ana HoffmanThe best way to create traffic is to find someone who’s already driving a substantial amount of it and tap into it.

The most traditional example of that would be guest posting, but I am not talking about “find a couple of random blogs to post for, write a variety of miscellaneous articles (topics varying wildly) and then hope for the best” kind of guest posting.

A great guest post is the one that benefits the hosting blog, as well as “primes” their readership to come back to your blog for more. More of what? It’s up to you. It could be a free bonus (preferably requiring an optin, of course), or more information on that specific topic, or your products or services that might help the readers to put your actionable advice into practice in their businesses.

We also need to think of ways to ensure our guest posts are accepted. Epic content goes without a question, but what else? How about digging into the revenue model of the blog(s) you are targeting?

If it fits within the flow of the article, include a link to a webpage that offers the publisher an opportunity to monetize their traffic from their visitors reading your article. Use of this tactic alone will not get your article published, but it might just be that little extra boost that gets you through the door.

Other ideas to leverage another webmaster’s traffic:

– Find popular podcasts that target your niche-specific audience and see if you can get interviewed by them.

If you are a newbie, you might need to do some leg work as far as finding an interesting angle to approach them with, but the potential traffic return might be very well worth it.

–Approach bloggers who do speedlinking posts and offer some of your best content to them. Building a relationship first always helps, but if your content is great (which it should be, of course), then it just might get your foot in the door all on its own.

Ana Hoffman, founder of Traffic Generation Cafe, is a successful internet entrepreneur who has a huge web traffic and community building knowledge.


Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie LussierMy favorite way to get a steady flow of traffic is to create the most share worthy and search-engine friendly content possible. That means really understanding your ideal audience, their wants and needs, and the types of problems they might be looking to solve. Think about what you search for on a regular basis, and see how you can create the type of content that would answer these questions. Then learn the basics of search engine optimization, and make your site easy to navigate, and watch how it all comes together in a flow of consistent traffic.

Nathalie Lussier is a successul entrepreneur who is really passionate about helping people with their businesses.


Nate Rivers

NateThe most steady flow of traffic your blog can have is your email list. Having an email list of subscribers who like hearing from you is the only real source of push button traffic that there is. Social media is the big buzz word of the past few years, but a responsive email list is much more powerful than any Twitter or Facebook following.

I’m definitely not a networker-extraordinaire as a blogger. I steadily build my list from search engine traffic, my podcast, and Youtube videos.

Nate, founder of Stray Blogger, is an internet marketing expert with 5 years of experience in it.


Grow Your List

Let’s suppose that you just started a brand new blog. How would you get your first 1,000 subscribers in the most efficient way?

Derek Halpern

Derek HalpernI’d write one—JUST ONE—piece of GREAT content, and I’d promote the heck out of it. Why? Because most new bloggers make the mistake thinking they can “create” their way to 1,000 subscribers. When, in reality, they’ve got to get out of the creation mindset, and instead focus on promoting what they’ve already got.

Derek Halpern is one of the smartest marketer and entrepreneur.  His blog Social Triggers reached 70,000 subscribers in less than 2 years.


Bamidele Onibalusi

Bamidele OnibalusiIf I start a brand new blog, I’ll get my first 1,000 subscribers by leveraging content marketing. Specifically, creating an offer to encourage people to subscribe to my blog, creating lots of great content – that convinces people about the effectiveness of my strategy, shares case studies that prove what I do and that offer tips around the subject – around my offer and publishing it regularly on my blog and by writing guest posts for authoritative blogs in my niche.

This has been very effective for me and I’ve used it to build a blog to four figures in monthly income in less than 2 months, from scratch, so it works.

Bamidele Onibalusi is the talented writer and blogger who runs YoungPrePro. He is also one of the most succesful guest posters.


Shane Melaugh

Shane MelaughSome of the most important things happen before you start that brand new blog. I would spend a lot of time doing market research. Actually, scratch that. Think of it as people research.

Who are the people in my target market? What do they want, need, think about, dream about, wish for? What are they frustrated and angry about?

What words do they use, when they talk about these things?

I’d scour through websites, forums, blog comments, books… I’d try to get some of these people on skype calls (one way to do this is by offering free, short coaching sessions).

The better I understand the people I will be talking to, the easier everything else will be. The blog content will be laser-focused on this very specific group of people. Coming up with content ideas won’t be difficult, because I’m already talking to them and I can write about the questions they have.

The practical steps to getting the traffic and getting the subscribers are pretty well known, I think: write guest posts, use Hybrid Connect to add awesome opt-in forms to your blog, create and launch a product as soon as possible.

Shane Melaugh is the expert marketer than runs IM Impact, the blog where you can find many useful internet marketing insights.



If you were a new blogger, how would you network with top influencers in your niche?

David Garland

David GarlandI would do exactly what I did. I would start my own web tv show/podcast and interview all major influencers in my niche!


David Garland is the founder of Rise To The Top. His abilities to make inteviews and build connections with other experts are outstanding.


James Clear

James ClearI think most people make networking harder than it needs to be. It mostly comes down to one of two things: hustle or serendipity.


If you know who you want to talk to, then email them. I’ve successful connected with dozens of popular personalities online simply by emailing them directly (Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki to name a few). If you can’t find their email address, then don’t fret. There are a lot of brilliant people out there. Get to know everyone else in the industry and eventually someone will be able to introduce you to the person you want to meet.

I’m convinced that the reason most people don’t get to know the “big names” is because most people never ask.


Put yourself in situations where the odds of meeting amazing people is greatly improved. For example, I’ve met some incredible friends at conferences. Last November I was at an entrepreneurship conference in Moscow watching Richard Branson speak. This month, I’m heading out to San Francisco to reunite with 4 friends (all entrepreneurs) that I met at the conference. Meeting Branson was fun, but making friends with other amazing people was even better.

Find out where the people you want to meet are hanging out and go there yourself. If you’re in the same room with 100 awesome people all you have to do is start talking to one.

James Clear, founder of Passive Panda, is one of the best when it comes to networking with people.


Jaime Tardy

Jaime TardyI would first reach out and try to create a relationship with one or two people that are somewhat influential in your niche. (I did this by offering coaching help to someone with the exchange that they helped me gain a presence online) He knew many of the influencers, so when I went to Blogworld I was introduced to many others. Conferences are a key way to meet influencers, you just want to get to know many of them beforehand and not just meet them for the first time! :)

Jaime Tardy runs Eventual Millionaire where she interviews many millionaire. You can imagine what kind of networking skills she has to do that.


Laura Rubinstein

Laura RubinsteinNew bloggers must build their reputation and relationships. Here are few simple tips… First, follow influencers on social media. Then retweet them, share their content, thank them and comment on their blogs. When you do that, you are giving them positive support. At the same time, build your blog with quality content that gets attention. You may want to take a position or curate the most important trends in your industry. Social media is a great way to connect with influencers. Whenever you reach out to them it should be in the spirit of giving. Then your popularity will grow.

Laura Rubinstein, co-founder of Social Buzz Club, is a Social Media and Marketing Strategist. She has more than 20 years of experience in marketing consulting and relationship building.


Build Your Social Media Presence

Let’s suppose that you have to re-build your social media presence. How would you become a social media influencer?

Dino Dogan

Dino DoganMany young bloggers take the obvious route of focusing on big blogs and big names. That’s a waste of time.

I would definitely focus more on my peers, rather than gurus, big names, and experts.

This means I would read blogs by my peers. Share their stuff. Comment on their posts. Link to them, etc.

There are examples of bloggers who’ve caught the attention of a big blog(ger), and these examples are trotted out for a reason. Examples are made to encourage other small bloggers to do the same.

The odds of you getting noticed by a blogging rock star are slim, and the logic simply doesn’t scale. Focus on your peers. Think laterally.

For a more in-depth look at this, I highly recommend this video.

Dino Dogan is a social media influencer and a successful blogger other than the founder of Triberr.


Lewis Howes

Lewis HowesFocus on giving to others and promoting their efforts. Don’t expect anything in return. Just give.



Lewis Howes is an entrepreneur and a phenomenal social media expert – with tens of thousands followers on the biggest social networks.


Nate Riggs

Nate RiggsIf I had to start over from scratch and build influence online, I would have made three major changes. First, I would have selected a deeper niche earlier in my career, perhaps around the idea of blended families or something more personal to my life so that I had an ongoing story to share. Second, I would focus all my brand content efforts on Facebook and my blog. Blog content is what shows expertise and values which in turn establish credibility. Facebook is where people in my target audience have built the strongest adoption habits and tend to focus on more relationship-based communication which breeds trust. Finally, I would maintain a habit of meeting 5-10 new people, face-to-face each week. It’s by those in-real-life interactions that true influence is built and maintained. I’ll still probably only check online influence scores once every few months, just to see if anything has changed. Not that online influence metrics are bad — I do think they have a place in the big picture. I just think that it’s very easy to get so caught up with trying to improve a Klout score, that folks end up loosing the practice the behaviors that helped them build influence in the first place.

Nate Riggs is a great (and one of the most friendly!) social media influencer.


Peggy Fitzpatrick

Peggy FitzpatrickI don’t think that you can plan to become an influencer but if I had to start over, I would do exactly the same thing again. Things I did that I recommend:

1. Follow people you respect

2. Attend tons of Twitter chats,

3. Read books that enriched my experience

4. Attend social media conferences and webinars

5. Go to tweets ups or HIRLs.

I think the most important thing to remember is that everything takes time to build and grow. You don’t need to have the most followers to be influential but provide value to the social space and be consistent. And most of all, have fun!

Peggy Fitzpatrick is a really positive social media influencer – her enthusiasm is really contagious!


Nichole Kelly

Nichole KellyBeing a social media influencer is a bit of a misnomer. The bigger question is does the audience you are trying to attract respect your opinion and perspectives? The best way to do that is to create content your audience is looking for with the type of advice can’t find anywhere else. The rest is organic. If you are creating and sharing other people’s content in a way your audience appreciates eventually someone will say you are an influencer or you will get opportunities that raise the status of your personal brand, whether it is guest posting on other influential blogs or a book deal. The key is that you have to realize that you need to earn the right to talk about yourself. You do that by sharing valuable content from others 80% of the time. If you do that the rest will follow.

Nichole Kelly is the experienced marketer and social media expert who runs Full Frontal ROI.


Jon Loomer

Jon LoomerSince I was able to get to this point rather quickly, I’d follow a similar path to what got me here. Obviously, I learned some things that would make that journey a bit more efficient. Here are a few things I’d do:

1) Start a website. Don’t take shortcuts, but invest in an effective theme and hosting service. Invest in a designer to create a strong logo and hire a photographer to take head shots.

2) Start an email list. Do this immediately, as opposed to waiting for traffic. This will help establish a traffic base much faster, and growth will accelerate.

3) Create a product. It could be an ebook, and start with something that’s free. Build that email list!

4) Focus efforts on one social network, establish a presence in others. Facebook is my domain because it’s where I’m most comfortable and can make the biggest impact. Sprinkle yourself around the others, but don’t spread yourself too thin.

5) Establish a consistent content strategy. I blogged nearly every day in 2012, and it was a major contributor to my progress. Set expectations for yourself, establish a daily theme if possible, and write.

6) Network. Possibly the most important. My profile took off once the bigger names started paying attention to me and sharing my content. Don’t push yourself into circles. Target a few you respect, share their content, comment on their posts, reach out, look to collaborate. Be a friend first. Don’t have expectations of reciprocation. This also includes events — speak if possible.

 Jon Loomer is a social media expert that specialized in Facebook – with more than 5 years of experience on it.


Laura Roeder

Laura RoederGet in front of big audiences by guest posting. It’s the easiest way to start getting your name in front of the right people, and driving traffic back to your website.


Laura Roeder is the successful entrepreneur who founded LKR Social Media, the site where she creates training courses for small businesses to learn how to leverage social media and online marketing.



Increase Your Sales

How would you increase the sales of a blog without increasing the traffic that it gets?

Peep Laja

Peep JajaShort answer: Read ConversionXL :)

Longer answer:

Two things.


Your blog is your #1 salesperson, so the best thing you can do for boosting sales is to consistently produce highly valuable, thorough content. If they’re impressed by your content, they will want to learn more about you and your services themselves. Your job is to make it easy to do that if they want to.

People aren’t gonna buy your stuff just because you shout at every opportunity “buy, buy, buy”. I don’t have any banners on ConversionXL. I don’t push my services at all. I have a couple of lines about myself and a link to my company on my sidebar and I have a ‘Services’ link in the menu. That’s enough and will result in extremely high quality leads. You don’t need to stick banners everywhere. Your content will do most of the selling.

You just make sure that your product or services are in an obvious place, one click away.


Your landing page for the product or service will need to kick serious ass. You need great design (never try to save money on this) and great copywriting. Most blogs out there say “Im awesome, hire me!” and that’s not enough. I drive my blog traffic to a dedicated landing page (this is one example http://www.markitekt.com) and now the landing page will have to close the sale.

Summary: You need to put hot triggers in the path of motivated people. Your blog content will do the motivational part. Your links on the blog and call to action buttons on the landing page serve as triggers. Your landing page design and content will give people the rational and emotional information they need to convince themselves this is the right thing for them.

Peep Laja is the conversion rate expert that runs ConversionXL, the blog where he shares some of the best conversion rate tips that I have ever read..


Gregory Ciotti

Gregory CiottiThe easiest best way to increase sales from a blog without increasing traffic is to improve the “funnel” that you create with your newsletter. That is to say, spend more time testing how to increase on-page email sign-ups (I recommend reading this post to start) and testing better email campaigns with these new sign-ups.

To get specific: split-testing email subject lines (more on this here), follow-ups, and just plain creating better reciprocity with subscribers (with free gifts, etc.) is far and away the easiest solution to do more with what subscribers you’ve already got.

 Gregory Ciotti is the marketing guy  at Help Scout. He’s one of the best when it comes to apply psychology to marketing.


Joanna Wiebe

Joanna WiebeAssuming your existing blog traffic is qualified, increasing sales associated with a post is often a matter of 1) knowing the topics your traffic most reads, 2) creating a product related to those topics and 3) offering the product at the right time in the post (usually at the end). Plan your products around what people want, and plan your posts around these products.

On my blog, one of my most-read posts is about writing App Store descriptions… so I created a paid “productized service” for writing these descriptions. Months after that high-value post went live, I tacked a call to action onto it, driving people to learn more about my paid service. I’ve since sold so many of these services that I’ve temporarily taken them down until I get caught up. :) Going forward, I’ll be writing more posts on the subject of selling apps online, I’ll be creating an ebook / course on the subject, and I’ll be selling that product within the new posts.

Pretty simple formula: know your traffic + produce great free content they want + invite them to buy the next level of content.

TIP: If you use an editorial calendar — and you should — make sure that at least every second post has an associated “get the next level” call to action.

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copy Hackers, is a brilliant copywriter.


Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan EisenbergNever forget social media is for reach but email is for revenue. Spend your energy capturing your visitors’ email addresses.

Here are some ways to capture subscribers:

1. Use the words “We Value Your Privacy” next to your email form field. That is what I call a Point of Action Assurance.

2. Offer a sample of your newsletter right near your sign up box, so people know what to expect.

3. Test a light box to capture emails. Test different offers, when to show it, etc.

4. Bribe them! Make an offer for a free gift (ebook, recorded webinar) if they subscribe.

Bryan Eisenberg is an online business pioneer who has more than 15 years of experience and has helped hundreds of companies online.


Michael Lykke Aagaard

Michael AagaardIf you’re selling a service via your blog, my best advice is to be generous with your knowledge and post lots of case studies.

Extensive case studies where you document your results and detail how you achieved them are extremely powerful tools for attracting new clients and getting business. They let you showcase your results in a scientific format where you can talk about your methods without seeming pompous or full of yourself.

I get about 85% of my business (CRO Clients) via my two blogs, and 99.9% of the potential clients who contact me do so after reading one or more of my case studies. What’s even better is that most them have already decided that they want to hire me. They’ve seen the results I can generate and read about my methods, so all they need to know is the price, and when I can get started.

Michael Lykke Aagaard, ContentVerve.com

For more tips and actionable advice connect with Michael on Twitter or Google+.


Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel GonzalezGood question. I typically find that increasing the size of a blog’s email list is the most effective way of increasing sales. So, it’s useful to focus on increasing your email opt-in rate. 

How do you do that? Well, running tests on the email capture offer for the blog. And, listen… “get free updates” isn’t the best you can do. Ok? Alright, cool.

A good offer for a blog to make in exchange for an email, is to provide a “mini email course,” that teaches the visitor something they want to learn on the topic of the blog. For example, if you run a blog about make-up products, then you could offer your visitors a “mini email course” with special make-up tutorials delivered to their visitor’s inbox, 1 per day for X days.

Sound good? Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you. Also, check out my conversion rate optimization blog. See you on twitter. -@Hidanielg

Daniel Gonzalez is the conversion rate optimization expert who runs Conversion Love.


Sean Work

Sean Work1. De-clutter your side bar and navigation to down to basically nothing. Just remove every button, link, panel to the absolute bare necessities. Then devote a huge amount of real estate to your offer that you are promoting. Of course test this against your baseline.

2. Use occasional blog posts to get your readers to commit to small “yes’s”. Get them to opt into lists, white papers, -> earn their trust. Get them to like what you have to offer. And then blog or send out offers for your bigger pitches every once in a while.

Sean Work is the director of marketing at KISSmetrics.


Joe Rawlinson

Joe RawlinsonTo increase sales on a blog without growing traffic, collect email addresses and start a newsletter. Create an autoresponder sequence that helps answer your customers’ top questions. Don’t be afraid to talk about your product and point them to your sales page. Just don’t bombard them with “buy now” messaging at the beginning. Give away great value first. You’ll build a relationship and trust with your subscribers. Then, when you do ask for the sale, the subscribers will reciprocate with purchasing.

Joe Rawlinson is the founder of Return Customers other than a senior e-commerce strategist.


Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-MartinIf sales are slipping, your content could be the culprit.

Check out your landing page and see where you can make some improvements. Is it answering your prospects’ questions? Does it focus on benefits (instead of features.) Is your unique sales proposition clear? Does the headline grab your readers’ attention?

Bottom line: Does the page make your product/service sound so compelling that readers think, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

If not, rewriting the page – and testing the results – is a smart move.

(Plus, if you intelligently include keyphrases, you can drive more Web traffic, too!)

Heather Lloyd-Martin, founder of SuccessWorks, is a 20-year marketing veteran, a recognized author and considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting.



Build Your Brand

If you had to start another blog, how would you diffentiate it from the crowd?

Mars Dorian

Mars DorianDepending on the market I would do some research first. I’d check out what everyone else was doing in that niche, and then I’d look at my personal strengths and create something totally different. If everyone is writing, I’d do one heck of a visual site. It’s all about tapping into something that’s not (yet) done in your market.

Mars Dorian is a great branding expert and one of the most original blogger in the world.


Pamela Wilson

Pamela WilsonTo differentiate your blog, think branding. Building a brand that’s recognizable within seconds is essential!

Remember, people see your site before they read it. And their first impression will either keep them engaged and get them reading your content, or turn them off and make them click away.

Build your brand with a clear blog name and tagline, recognizable colors, and custom fonts to give your pages personality.

It takes extra effort to make your blog stand out from the rest, but if it means you keep those eyeballs on your pages, it’s worth it.

Pamela Wilson is the founder of Big Brand System. Other than a branding expert, she is an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant.


Cindy Ratzlaff

Cindy RatzlaffI’d make sure to build it on a reflexive theme so it would be equally functional and readable on mobile devices. I’d do more of my posts via video using the written portion of the blog as the checklists or challenges. And, I’d keep my posts shorter to reflect the attention span of the growing mobile user. But most of all, I’d niche my topic to a uber specific audience and go deep into their needs instead of being a generalist.

Cindy Ratzlaff is a branding expert described by Forbes as one of the “Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter”.


Chris Brogan

Chris BroganMy answer is always the same: be helpful. Most people foul up the online space by trying to push their agenda first. Help others. Your turn will come.


Chris Brogan is a New York Times Bestselling author. He has 12 years of experience in online networks, social communities, and other elements of digital business.


Matt Cheuvront

Matt CheuvrontIf I started another blog, I’d focus on writing FOR ME first and foremost. It took me a while to understand that I didn’t need to write what I *thought* everyone wanted to read. When I started to write for myself, I found that I not only ENJOYED writing more – but that the quality of my writing was better and that, most importantly, my writing was relatable and embraced by a wider audience. The quickest path to burnout is writing void of the most important thing: Yourself.

Matt Cheuvront, founder of Life Without Pants, is a self-made entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Proof, a branding firm that helps businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs think creatively and strategically about their brands.


Get a Successful Mindset

The mindset is a crucial aspect to succeed with an online business. What do you think is the best mindset to succeed?

Erika Lyremark

Erika LyremarkYou don’t need a big list, you need a big heart.

While you are learning list building strategies, make sure you are spending 10x more on opening your heart and being of service first. The best list builders have the biggest hearts.

Erika Lyremark is the founder of Daily Whip, other than an amazing coach and the author of the book “Think Like a Stripper”.


Celestine Chua

Celestine ChuaBelieving that you can do it. Everything is possible; it’s just a matter of whether you believe it or not. I always believe everything is created twice — first in the mind, and second, in the physical reality. By first believing you can do it, you are paving the way for your goal to manifest in reality. On the other hand, if you don’t even believe you can do it, how can you even hope to accomplish what you are setting out to do?

Celestine Chua, founder of Personal Excellence, is an entrepreneur, life coach, blogger, and student of life.


Izmael Arkin

Izmael ArkinAbove all else a person must be solution focused. There are a million challenges, problems, and struggles. But when a person is able to identify the solutions for their day to day challenges they become unstoppable!

Izmael Arkin is the ninja at 30 Year Old Ninja. His personal improvement adivce are some of the best in the world.


Will Chen

Will ChenThe best mindset is to think of yourself as a scientist. Whenever you have an idea — whether it is a new topic for a blog post or an innovative way to increase conversion — you should form a hypothesis and start testing your idea. Too many people let their emotions drive their business decisions. Focus on testing things and let data drive your business


Will Chen is the co-founder of Wise Bread, where you can find many suggestions to live large on a small budget.


Jenny Blake

Jenny BlakeThe mindset that most helps me is to remember not to take “failures” personally in business—if something doesn’t work out the way you planned, it doesn’t mean you are inept or doomed to fail forever—it just means there is more to learn. Take time to unpack what happened, talk to others, and figure out what areas you need to grow or try new things for the next time around.

Jenny Blake, founder of Life After College, is a passionate career and micro-business coach other than the author of the book “Life After College”.


Joel Runyon

Joel RunyonFigure out whatever it is that you’re going to do. Then just go and do it.



Joel Runyon is a successful entrepreneur who is working on many projects and is used to accomplish the impossible.


Tyler Tervooren

Tyler TervoorenI’ve thought about this a lot (mostly for myself) and the answer I keep coming back to is confidence. The thing that killed me in the past was always second guessing myself and my decisions. Once I built some confidence, decisions were made much faster and things progressed a lot better. That’s not to say that confidence helps you make the *right* decisions, but it helps you stick to the right ones and quickly test the wrong ones.

Tyler Tervooren, founder of Advanced Riskology, is a writer, adventurer, and risk taker on a quest to join the top 1% of the world.


Business Lessons

What’s the most important lesson that you learned running your business?

Derek Sivers

Derek SiversAfter 15 years as an entrepreneur, having made many millions of dollars, and lost a few million too, here is my best advice:

Make something small. Everyone else is trying to be the next billionaire. They’re trying to make businesses that appeal to every person on earth. They’re boring!! When you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Instead, have fun, and make something extreme. Something that only a few people need, but those few will love you for making it, and be happy to pay you for it. These ideas will make you smile when thinking of it, and people will smile when hearing about it. Because it’s extreme, people will talk about it.

Make it small, simple, and make it happen fast. If it’s not profitable this year, then let it go and make something else small, simple, and fast. Each one of these will be fun, so there’s no limit to how many times you can do this.

Then, when one of your small ideas is a hit, it will grow into something even more wonderful and profitable.

But always start small. Take that tip from nature. Even rivers and elephants start small.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to start, to have the idea and turn it into something real. Corporate managers can’t think crazy anymore. They don’t know how. You do. So flaunt your advantage. Be crazy. Be extreme. Think small.

Derek Sivers is a succeful entrepreneur, programmer and avid student of life. He is also the author of the book “Anything You Want”.


Chris Guillebeau

Chris GuillebeauAlways focus on why others should care.



Chris Guillebau, founder of The Art of Non-Comformity, is a writer, world traveler, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner.


Guy Kawasaki

Guy KawasakiThe most important lesson that I learned is that you should never ask people to do something that you wouldn’t do.



Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of Alltop.com and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. He’s also the author of many books including Enchantment, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy and Selling the Dream.


Yaro Starak

Yaro StarakThe most important lesson I have learned running my business so far – and I expect this will always be the case – is to never give up.

That is a cliche phrase we all know, but if you can adopt it as a default attitude it’s the answer to pretty much all problems.

I don’t suggest you continue do things that don’t work because you have a never give up attitude, you should stop things that don’t work and try other methods to solve your problems.

The not giving up part is what drives you to seek alternatives, to keep pushing forward even when something doesn’t work. It’s only by committing yourself to getting better until you have what you want, that you can become strong enough to deal with failure and lack of success for long enough to reach success.

Yaro Starak is the founder of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. He has created, managed and sold several different internet businesses since 1998 and has taught thousands of people how to succeed online.


Natalie Sisson

Natalie SissonTo be focused on what matters most. It’s so important at the beginning to not get distracted by all the bright shiny objects. Instead figure out what your why is, as in why you do what you do. Then do everything in your power to stay true to that and only work on the tasks at hand to meet your objectives. I would have been more successful much more quickly  if I’d been more focused from the beginning.

Natalie Sisson, founder of The Suitecase Entrepreneur, is a successful entrepreneur who has over 8 years of experience in business.


Francisco Perez

Francisco PerezThe most important lesson that I learned since the inception of my business is that there is no easy route to success. Much of what I achieved today is due to my efforts, perseverance and believing that I can do it. Most importantly, I took action on every business proposition that I set myself with. Trial and error, up and down, but in the end, it paid off. The internet has (and is) provided opportunities that is for anyone to reach. You just have to “bite the bullet” and go for it, the right way.

Francisco Perez is the online business entrepreneur who founded iBlogZone.com. He also manages a small Business and Management Consulting company.


Sean Ogle

Sean OgleNever take anything for granted. As soon as you have a little success and start to coast is when you’ll get into the biggest trouble. Always be meeting new people, always be thinking about new ideas, and always be trying to add as much value to the world as you can. Do that and you’re set for life.

Sean Ogle is the successful lifestyle entrepreneur who runs Location 180, the blog where you can learn how to build a business that let you be free.


Colin Wright

Colin WrightThat there isn’t just one path to any destination. There are myriad ways to achieve a goal, and if one doesn’t work, you go find another one (or blaze your own trail).

Whatever the case may be, there is ALWAYS a solution. It’s just a matter of finding or inventing it.

Colin Wright, founder of Exile Lifestyle, is an author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler. He has written a bunch of books and also runs a publishing company called Asymmetrical.


Caleb Wojcik

Caleb WojcikThe most important lesson I’ve lesson I’ve learned lately in business is to focus on cash-flow. Unless you bring in revenue, you don’t have a business. If you don’t have profit, you’re a failing business. Positive cash-flow solves a lot of issues.

Caleb Wojcik, founder of Pocket Changed, is a personal finance expert, professional development coach, and a web-based entrepreneur. He is also working on other project like Think Traffic, Expert Enough and Fizzle.


Eric T. Wagner

Eric T. WagnerYou have to get your fanny out of the La-Z-Boy and just do it. Take action. Just start. I see too many aspiring entrepreneurs sitting around waiting for the perfect moment to start their business. Guess what? There is no such thing. The time is now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Today.

Eric T. Wagner, founder of Mighty Wise Media, is a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience – done 7 startups, 3 acquisitions and 5 successful exits. He is also a contributing writer on Forbes for Entrepreneurs and Startups.


Useful Web Design

How would you make a design that highlights the points of strenght of a blogger/company?

Chase Reeves

Chase ReevesI would work my arse off to deeply understand the specific demons, darkness, pain, satisfaction, and pleasure of the audience the blog/company seeks to serve. Then my goal is to communicate to that audience, expressing better, fresher, deeper than they themselves can what’s at stake, why solving this problem matters, etc. Color, layout, type, all serve that direction. Once you’ve got that direction, the center, the heart of your message, the only rule is: don’t f*ck up the center. It could be black helvetica on white background full-width as long as the message connects with a real problem, a real desire.

Chase Reeves, founder of Ice To The Brim, is a passionate writer, marketer and designer.


Paul Biedermann

Paul BiedermannCompanies and professionals alike need to distill down their branding and messaging into a concise, compelling story that encapsulates all that they are about. This is more important now than ever, as there are so many different touch points available both online and offline. Hence, there is a very high risk of brand fragmentation — leaving people dazed and confused about who you are and what you do.


Just as important as the messaging is how that messaging is delivered. A powerful, cohesive and consistent visual program needs to be instituted that drives the message home and reinforces the same “story” everywhere it appears. The overall design strategy needs to stand out and be memorable — otherwise, there is absolutely no hope of carving a path through all the noise and others will define you how they wish.


I see branding as a very pure and honest act: defining your true essence and then encapsulating that in a way that it is clear and cannot be ignored.

Paul Biedermann is the founder of re:DESIGN, other than a talent web designer.


Jacob Cass

Jacob CassMaking a design that highlights the strengths of a company should be done by researching the requirements of the company, figuring out the problems that need solving and then solving that problem in a creative way. This often requires the work of a professional designer who can understand how to properly visually communicate the right messages.

Jacob Cass is a brilliant designer and the founder of JUST™ Creative.


Barron Cuadro

Barron CuadroBig and bold, front and center! People need to know what they can expect from you even before they begin to scroll through your content.


Barron Cuadro is a web designer who works with entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses in bringing life to their ideas.


Improve Your Productivity

Working on a blog, especially at the beginning, can be overwhelming. How would you focus your time and energies to make your blog grow at its best?

Timo Kiander

Timo KianderI would “pick my three” and an advisor.

It’s very easy to distract yourself with too many activities, so I would focus on those things that matter the most.

In my case, I have chosen three core areas that I concentrate on and they are:

- Guest posting

- Interviews

- Building my e-mail list

All these three things are important for the growth of my blog.

By guest posting, I’m spreading the awareness of my blog, thus getting more people to join my e-mail list.

By interviewing the experts in my industry, I’m making new connections and relationships with others.

When I build my e-mail list, I’m building a cornerstone of my online business. Getting people to subscribe is one thing, but also to learn more about them and building engagement is also very important.

Finally what makes even a bigger impact is hiring a coach. Especially if the person is good at what he/she does, it makes all the difference to your blog’s growth. With his/her advice, you can focus on just the essential stuff and ignore the rest.

Timo Kiander is the productivity expert that runs Productive Superdad – while working on a daily job, having a family and being a marathoner and a triathlete.


Thanh Pham

Thanh PamMake writing a daily habit. You can start by just writing 30 minutes each day. That doesn’t mean you have to publish every day – just write. Make it habitual that you write content. The rest will follow.



Thanh Pham, together with Aaron Lynn, is the co-founder of Asian Efficiency where you can learn how to be more productive.


Charlie Gilkey

Charlie GilkeyGrowing a new blog comes down to one thing: publishing posts. Rather than worry about answering all the distracting questions that come up when you start your blog, focus on publishing 50 blog posts. Reevaluate where to go at that point. If you do so, you’ll have accomplished more than 80% of the people who start blogs, and you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what you need to do to go forward since you’ll have actual data and experience rather than wild guesses.

Charlie Gilkey, founder of Productive Flourishing, is an excellent coach, writer, consultant, speaker, and program developer.


Get Traffic from Search Engines

How would you exponentially increase the traffic that a new blog gets from search engines?

Neil Patel

Neil PatelI would write very detailed content that is over 2000 words. Based on data others and I have seen, such as explained in this blog post, content that is thorough tends to get more links, tweets, and ranks higher in search engines. If you can write really good content, that isn’t full of fluff, and is over 2000 words, you are more likely to get more love from Google.

Neil Patel, founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, is one of the best SEO experts worldwide.


Jon Cooper

Jon CooperIf I was really serious, I’d start with at least setting some realistic goals, and they’d be around an audience, not search engines. Then I’d go & look at the competition, breakdown what they’re doing right or wrong, as well as some of the surrounding verticals as well (i.e. if it’s a frugal blog, then I’ll go & check out minimalist blogs as well).

After that, I’d try and get in touch with some of the low to mid level bloggers that get excited when someone uses their contact form. They’re usually readers of some of the bigger blogs, and they’re great to make connections with. Ask them what they do & don’t like about the same blogs you checked out, and make sure you’re as friendly as possible; as stated, they’re great connections.

Then, get to work. Be serious about building a great blog by focusing on a great design, content that you see is lacking on some of the bigger blogs, and improving upon some of the things those blogs are already doing well. Have a great launch strategy, and put people in front of everything else; this will be a much more effective SEO plan for a blog then any short term, static link building plan, and notice it has nothing to really do with SEO at all.

Jon Cooper is the founder of Point Blank SEO and a skilled link building expert.


Chris Dyson

Chris DysonI think the most important thing that a blogger can do to improve the chances that they will obtain more organic search traffic is to have a professionally designed, well organised and well built blog.

The major search engines often reward people who’s sites aren’t cluttered with ads and load quickly.

You also can’t forget to get the technical elements right. The best plugin you can use for this is Yoast. If setup correctly it will make sure that there are no duplicate content issues and help you generate great search snippets e.g. rel=author implementation, unique meta descriptions and page titles. It will also analyse your page content to make sure your keywords are implemented in the best possible way.

I’ve seen blogs of all sizes see an increase in their organic traffic after implementing the Yoast plugin.

Chris Dyson is the founder of Triple SEO and has over 7 years of experience online.


Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoyThe best tactic I think you can launch for exponentially increasing traffic to a blog is to publish a lot of great content. Not only will the increased frequency of content publication put you in a situation to rank for long tail keywords but it also opens up your blog to receiving social media traffic. With that said, I would also make sure to incorporate appropriate social media buttons so that your blogs readers can easily “share” your content.


Finally, when writing content I would target keyword phrases that are being shown in “google suggest”. Google wouldn’t bother recommending these search phrases or even search questions if a decent amount of people weren’t already searching for them. The best part is that a lot of the super long tail keywords won’t require link building or even a strong domain authority to rank. Easy traffic!

Nick LeRoy is the SEO expert who is the author of the “Do-It-Yourself SEO Audit eBook”.


James Agate

James AgateThat’s a fairly expansive question but I think there are certainly a few things that can be done when you are just starting out with a blog to ensure a steady but growing level of traffic long term.

1) Set your blog up for success – a lot of people think starting a blog is simple and is all about the content. These two things are correct but it is important to construct strong foundations to enable your blog to prosper once it starts to gain traction. Poor quality hosting, a chaotic structure and a poorly thought out information architecture may not seem like a problem in the early days but once you hit a certain level, these things can quickly inhibit the traffic you get from the search engines.

2) Think what you want - some bloggers seem quick to cash in and compromise on their long term vision. It’s your site so feel free to monetise it how you wish but all I am saying is that if you want to stay on the right side of Google and enjoy the traffic they offer into the future, selling obvious links that pass PageRank in your sidebars and footers to anybody with a PayPal account is a surefire way to destroy your chances.

3) Keep your standards high – set your publishing schedule with a healthy dose of realism, are you really adding value pushing out 10+ blog posts a week or could you push your standards higher and improve engagement around each piece. As Google gets smarter the strategy of pushing out as much keyword-heavy content as possible won’t be all that viable.

4) Crank out some solid evergreen content on core areas of your niche - if I was starting over with a blog again then I would almost certainly publish some evergreen content as the initial building block for a blog. It can establish your credibility and when combined with my 5th tip below for example is a very effective way of increasing search engine traffic.

5) Guest post – get your name out there with a few solid guest posts, that’s how I’ve developed my reputation in the link building space. If you can direct some link equity towards your evergreen content then this again will help to dramatically increase the visibility of that content in the search engines and will likely open up the way to some long term passive traffic.

James Agate is the founder of Skyrocket SEO, a company who specialized in link building and content production.


Kane Jamison

Kane JamisonFor a new blog you’re not going to get much traffic directly from search engines – you’ll probably need to earn links first. That’s not going to happen unless real people see your content. So initially, focus on how you can harness social media and referral traffic, since they have much lower barriers to entry for a new site than search engines. Have a promotion strategy. It doesn’t stop when you hit publish: Where are you going to share the content? What communities would find it useful, particularly outside of “normal” social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Figuring out where your readers spend time and then getting your content mentioned there is going to be the most important part of launching a new website. The search traffic tends to follow if you get the social part figured out.

Kane Jamison is a SEO and link building expert, other than working on content marketing at Content Harmony.


Joseph ArchibaldJoseph Archibald

That’s a tough question to answer really because different niches work in different ways. However, I purchased a new domain name on December 25 last year (2012) and within just over 2 weeks was able to generate almost 400 unique visitors on a single day. How to do that? Submit images to relevant sites. If the images are accepted for publication, the traffic flows!

Joseph Archibald is a passionate SEO and internet marketing expert who has been online for many years.


Debra Mastaler

Debra MastalerI’d do two things: advertise and promote the blog through niche forums and social media sites and also actively work to be added to blogrolls ranking well for my terms.


Debra Mastaler, president of Alliance-Link, is a link building and SEO expert with many year of experience.


Adam Sherk

Adam SherkIncreasing search traffic to a blog falls roughly into three main categories.

The first category is tech and design. This includes things such as establishing a search-friendly site architecture, URL structure and internal link structure; optimizing your templates; making effective use (instead of over-use) of categories and tagging, setting up XML sitemaps, etc. There are some nice guides out there like Yoast’s The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites to point you in the right direction. And then you can use plugins like Yoast’s WordPress SEO or the All in One SEO Pack to manage some of these things.

The second category is editorial, which includes tactics like using keyword research and trend tools not only to optimize newly created posts but also to come up with new content ideas. Oversimplified, the aim is to write about topics that people are looking for, sharing and discussing, and then optimize your posts to reflect typical searches around those topics. It is important to optimize the key page elements on each new post including the title tag, headline, URL slug, image attributes, META description tag, etc.

Number three is marketing, which for blogs essentially means networking and social activity to help promote your blog as whole as well as specific posts. You need a good influx of inbound links and social shares over time to build up the strength of your blog and improve its ability to compete for search traffic.

Adam Sherk is VP SEO and Social Media for Define Media Group, formerly part of The New York Times Company.


Jeff Ferguson

Jeff FergusonSecuring and retaining blog traffic requires a sort of modern alchemy that includes a variety of disciplines, so it’s hard to really nail it down and say, “do this one thing, and you’ll increase traffic.” For starters, you need unique and intriguing content; just parroting what everyone else is doing out there in the same goofy tone isn’t going to get you anywhere. And even then, you still need to get the word out, which means putting the leg work in on social media — and even paid media — to make sure as many people as possible at least get the chance to read your stuff…and then hopefully share it with their friends and co-workers. Then, there’s a matter of consistency; if you just pop off a blog post every now and then, you won’t build up a following. And at the other end of the spectrum, blogging too often will burn people out like a guy talking too much at a party. Finally, there’s variety. For most people, blogging isn’t actually their job, but a way to get more people to hire them for a job. So you’ll probably want to enlist some help on the blogging front, which will get you a certain amount of variety…but you should try even harder to “mix it up” a bit, so you keep your readers interested.

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO and Lead Consultant of Fang Digital Marketing, a strategic consulting agency that specializes in internet marketing, including search engine marketing, display, social, and affiliate programs. He has over 17 years of online marketing experience.


Content Marketing Strategies

What’s the best content marketing strategy to get long term profits from your products?

Hector Cuevas

Hector CuevasPeople want results. If your audience can get results from applying the ideas you give away for free, then they’ll pay to get access to your premium courses because they’ll genuinely believe it will help them even more. My content marketing strategy is to give away the best ideas I have, which later makes their buying decision a no-brainer.

Hector Cuevas is the founder Inbound Pro, the blog where you can get many list building tips.


Mark W. Schaefer

Mark SchaeferFrankly, the best strategy is to be ‘first and overwhelming.’ What I mean by that is there is definitely a first-mover advantage in this space if you consistently provide quality, helpful content. The overwhelming aspect means committing to producing this content on a frequent basis, surrounding your customers with the content they need, when they need it, so that it is more difficult for competitors to catch up.

Mark W. Schaefer, founder of {grow}, is the author of Return On Influence and leader of social media workshops. He has 30 years of marketing experience and an endless curriculum.


Ameena Falchetto

Ameena FalchettoKnow your what you stand for and always aim for quality over quantity. Make sure you stick to a few core messages and then make them ridiculously actionable so that people can feel the benefits straight away. (And don’t forget to embellish with awesome visuals to support your efforts).

Ameena Falchetto is a really creative content marketer and a branding champion.


Marcus Sheridan

Marcus SheridanAs a whole, we make content marketing much harder than what it should be. If we want to do it well, and I mean really well, there is only 2 steps one needs to take:

1. Be the best listener in your industry. Hear every question–not the way you would say it–but the way the consumer says it.
2. Answer every single one of those questions in a form of a blog post. Don’t try to sound smart, just seek to be understandable.

If you do these two steps to the best of your ability, you’ll be better than 95% of the businesses in the world at content marketing. Why? Because most refuse to answer the questions their customers truly want to know.

Marcus Sheridan, founder of The Sales Lion, is one the best and most passionate content marketer in the world.


Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenWhile creating strong content that provides prospects, customers and the public with useful information, education, styling and reviews about your products is critical, it requires a contextually relevant call-to-action to guide potential buyers to take the next step in the purchase process. Understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean “Buy Now!” The next step must make sense to your reader such as sign up for our emailings.

Heidi Cohen is a brilliant marketing expert other than a social media influencer.


David Meerman Scott

David Meerman ScottReal-Time opportunities are passing you by as you meticulously plan your future marketing & PR campaigns. Content marketing is not about planning for the future. It is about engaging content you publish today.

David Meerman Scott is marketing strategist, advisor, bestselling author of eight books including three international bestsellers, and a professional speaker.


Chris Garrett

Chris GarrettIt all starts with the audience you are serving. Really get to know them so you can discover what their wants, needs, challenges and goals are, so what you are offering is entirely in tune with that. The more you understand your market, the better, and longer you can serve them.

Chris Garrett is an online business consultant, teacher, coach, new media industry commentator, writer and speaker. He has been involved in several startups and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs.


John Jantsch

John JantschCreate something people want to share. From a content standpoint this can be a very rich how to post or eBook or a well thought out resource list.



John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author. He has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies.


Ian Brodie

Ian BrodieI’d say three things:

Firstly, most bloggers don’t get their readers to participate and contribute enough. I guess the trendy name for that these days is engagement.

Before people are going to buy from you (especially in these cynical and over-sold-to times) there has to be a level of emotional commitment. A belief that you’re on their side. A good guy or gal. You don’t get that from just pumping out blog posts, no matter how good they are. You get that from interacting. Building a community. Getting your readers into the habit of taking action.

Then when it’s time to buy, it’s less of a big step.

Secondly, many bloggers don’t write about the right topics or in a way that will get their readers prepared to buy.

This is especially true if you’re promoting your services through your blog. Most bloggers have figured out the obvious point that the topics they cover need to relate to the problems and challenges their clients face, not just what they’re interested in.

But they often overlook the other factors their clients need to “know and feel” to be ready to buy from them. What impact will this have? Will it work for people like me? If I hire you, will I get on with you? Have you worked with people in my sector?

The questions are different for everyone. But if you think through what those know and feel factors are from you it’ll tell you what you need to build in to your blog posts – personal stories, case studies, client examples, etc. – to build confidence in your potential clients.

And finally a seemingly obvious point that I see overlooked all the time: you actually have to ask for the order. How many blog posts do you see that end in a call to action? Not many.

It doesn’t have to be a huge sales pitch. But you need to lead readers into your sales funnel, rather than having them click away.

These really aren’t huge changes for someone to make to their blog – but they can have a huge impact.

Ian Brodie is an expert marketer who has more than 17 years of experience and has helped some of the world’s leading organisations with their marketing and sales challenges.


Drew McLellan

Drew McLellanThe best content marketing strategy for achieving long term profits is to regularly give away samples of your expertise. Create sharable tools (ebooks, blog posts, etc.) that do three things:

  1. Genuinely help/create value for the recipient
  2. Demonstrate your expertise by doing/sharing not telling/bragging
  3. Create a connection/implied intimacy between you and the recipient

Everyone buys from people they know, like and trust. The content will make you more findable (know), and by helping the recipient in a very genuine way, they will come to like you. Do that consistently — and that like evolves to trust.

Complete that equation and not only will they buy from you but they’ll buy repeatedly while sharing your content — generating word of mouth and even more customers.

Drew McLellan, founder of Drew’s Marketing Minute, is a 25+ years marketing agency veteran other than one of the world’s top marketing and branding bloggers.


Eugene Farber

Eugene FarberI think the best strategy for the long-term sustainability of a business, whether you use “content marketing” or any other type of marketing, is to build a list of customers and their contact information. That can be phone numbers, physical addresses, or as we usually do in the online world – an email list.

This allows you to market and re-market to your base over and over again. I’ve seen plenty of stats about how many touch points it takes for a potential customer to buy from you. Some say it takes an average of seven times. Others say that people buy on your fifth call, but sales people quit after three. Whatever the actual numbers are, the point is clear: profits come from the follow up.

That means that your content needs to drive people into subscribing to a list. That includes everything from the design of your site (in terms of user experience) to what pages you link to within your content.

Eugene Farber, founder of Content Strategy Hub, is an internet entrepreneur and Inbound Marketing Certified Professional who has been creating, testing and analyzing content and strategies for years now.


David Frey

David FreyStep 1 – Find out what the top 3 worst problems are that your product or service solves.

Step 2 – Find out what keywords people use to search for solutions to those problems.

Step 3 – Do some research and find all the blogs and websites in your niche that have active audiences (are their blogs getting quality comments).

Step 4 – Start writing as many high quality articles as you can about how to solve those problems. In your article’s author box, offer a free report expanding on the solution to the problem you wrote about and link it to a report download landing page with an optin box.

Step 5 – Offer your articles for publishing on those blogs you found in Step 3.

Step 6 – Turn those articles into short slide presentations and submit them to slide sharing sites.

Step 7 – Video record your computer screen and audio as you read those articles and show the presentation. Add a little background music to spice up the video. Submit your rendered video to the top 10 video sharing sites using a link to your free report in the description and make sure to tag the video with the keywords you came up with in Step 2.

Do this over and over again.

David Frey, the founder of Marketing Blogger, is a marketing expert. He has 16 years of experience in marketing an a really broad understanding of the subject.


Make Inspiring Videos

What’s the best way to inspire people using videos?

Kenji DuBois Lee

Kenji DuBois Lee Videos are stories. Any good story follows a structure. When I make videos I think about what story I am trying to tell. Who are the subjects in this story? Where is this story taking place? Why should the audience care about this story? How can I keep the audience invested? What will viewers remember? What will I learn from making this video that will make me a better videographer? These are questions I keep in mind as I shoot and edit videos. I am a one-of-a-kind guy with a one-of-a-kind experience so it’s only proper that I make one-of-a-kind videos! Even if I make a video about an event that 1000 other videographers are making a video about, the video I make should stand out.


Think of videos as an extension of your opinion: yours is unique to you.

Kenjy DuBois Lee, founder of usolee, is a talented filmmaker who has an incredible ability to inspire people.


Eric Hinson

Eric Hinson1. Make your video relevant to the right audience.

If you’re not talking in a way your viewers can easily grasp, you’re going to lose them. You speak very differently to an executive than you would to the average consumer. Target the right person so they can relate to your content. Are you speaking to a 10 year old girl or a 49 year old man?


2. Appeal to their emotions

Get your viewer to relate; help facilitate empathy. Start by introducing a problem your viewers are currently facing. From the very beginning, show them relevance. If you tap into their emotions, they’re much more likely to keep watching. If you’re taking the emotional route, it must be funny, upsetting, uplifting, or offensive. Hit that emotion hard!

Eric Hinson is the founder of Explainify, an animation and video studio that specializes in the creation of short, to-the-point stories that effectively engage, explain and express a brand.


Chris Savage

Chris SavageOur goal when we make videos is to teach, inspire, and connect with our audience as much as possible. We try to focus in on the one message that we want to get across in that particular video and that if we told well, would delight and enrich our audience. Then we push ourselves to convey that message in the most interesting way possible. Sometimes this means that someone might end up in a bathrobe or we might make a rap to establish how excited we are. But the key isn’t making raps or lounging around in pajamas, it’s finding our unique angle that will help us convey the message in the best way. Stay true to yourself and you’ve got a shot at making inspiring content.

Chris Savage is the founder of Wistia, one of the best video hosting company in the world.


Josh Rimer

Josh RimerThe best way to inspire people using videos is to make sure that you always appear in them yourself and that when you do so, you’re authentic and passionate. Viewers connect with people – not images or slideshows or text. They need to see you, get a feel for who you are, and find out what makes you unique. By being “real” and sharing your excitement for whatever it is that you’re talking about, viewers will be able to engage with your personality and feel a stronger connection with you. Once that link is established, they’ll feel like they’re getting to know, like and trust you!

Josh Rimer is a successful YouTube marketer with many years of experience. He also runs his own show on YouTube.


Chris Ruffell

Chirs RuffellMost often people ask me technical video questions about how to make videos go viral, or how to make promotional videos, but in reality, they’re missing the core ingredient: honestly sharing the best of themselves.

What’s the best way to inspire people using video?

Answer: Be real; genuinely share of your personal story with your viewer.

It really is that easy, and most people misinterpret this a two step process, yet, this is the only way to do inspire viewers to hear you and feel you which results in action! Let me explain…

First, be real. If you’re going to speak on camera, don’t waste time talking to your viewer’s minds – skip right to their hearts. Use the true power that video has over all other digital medium – jump through the screen into people’s souls. Look at the camera, show yourself for who you are, don’t hide all hints of the stage fright, and talk one on one. Too much polish can hurt the ‘reality’. In many cases, too much rehearsing, make up, lighting can come off as staged.

And yes, I’m a video producer saying this. But it’s true – I often wouldn’t let the people I was interviewing for their own videos rehearse too much, and it worked!

Second, be candid and share your perspective, your story. Find your personal ‘Why’. Why you were inspired to help by offering the insights, product or service. Oddly enough, often the more personal the pain, the more universal it is. Touch on your hardships, what sufferings you had before you had your revelation. Remind the audience that inspiration is a flame that must be lit from within. Lead by example, showing the viewer that there is a better way. Word of advice: video is influential and changes lives; be true to your fellow man and be authentic and genuine, and good will come of your efforts.

You can do it, there are plenty of examples out there. Dig deep if you need, and find that seed of inspiration that called you to action, share the journey and hand out the fruits of your success. To inspire a good video will fundamentally be you and the viewer becoming friends.

Chris Ruffell is the founder of Learn Video Marketing Community ReelMarketer.com where experts share their tips and tricks on how to do video marketing.


Build an Engaged Audience

If you had to start from scratch, how would you build an engaged audience?

Danny Iny

Danny InyIf I were starting over from scratch and needed to build an engaged audience… the first thing I would do is download a free copy of Engagement from Scratch!

All kidding aside, however, I think it’s critical for business owners to prioritize engagement and relationships from the first day they start up. It’s easy to get lost in all of the details of starting a business, planning, promoting, networking and all the rest, and spending real time connecting with people at an individual level can get pushed aside. Structure engagement activities into your daily schedule, and scale them up as you grow – you’ll thank yourself for it in the months ahead.

Danny Iny, founder of Firepole Marketing, is one of brightest marketer and guest posters in the entire web. He’s also worked with companies of all sizes, from the very huge (Nokia, Google) to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started.


Sarah Robinson

Sarah RobinsonI’ve started building audiences from scratch several times. The one thing I learned through those experiences is that nothing replaces making the members of your audience the stars of the show. Even if you only have three people show up, make them feel like they are the important people in the room, not you. Value their knowledge and experience. Ask them their opinions and act on what they contribute. People return to communities where they feel valued and they bring their friends with them.

Sarah Robinson is a business coach, strategist, advisor, speaker and author who helps businesses and nonprofits small and large stand apart from the pack. She is the founder of Firece Loyalty blog and author of the book “Fierce Loyalty:Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities”.


Greg Narayan

Greg NarayanIf engaging is your goal you can get started by writing a Welcome Post. Talk here about your goals, your reasons for starting out, and try to relate. Try to differentiate yourself. The process of engaging begins with a mutual reader-writer understanding, and you’ll miss this moment by pitching information, even if it’s brilliant. The Welcome Post is where I began.

Greg Narayan is the founder of Dear Blogger, other than a highly skilled blogger.


David Cain

David CainI would check out the most popular blog posts being shared on Reddit and StumbleUpon, so that I understand what it is about them in particular that compels people to share them. I would post once a week. I would be constantly, aggressively reading good writing to improve my own command of the language. I would leave short, intriguing comments on similar blogs.

David Cain is the founder of Raptitude, the blog where he shares his experiences and helps people to get better at being human.


Adrienne Smith

Adrienne SmithThat’s easy. I would create a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for sure. I would join some blogging networks and then I would write content on a consistent schedule probably twice a week. I would visit at least five blogs every single day and comment and share their content on the social networks. Those blogs that I enjoyed the most I would connect with those blog owners through one of the social networks and start building a relationship with them. This is exactly how I was able to grow the following I have right now. I would do it all over again in the same manner.

Adrienne Smith is a successful blogger and online business owner. She has also received the title of “Engagement Superstar”.


Make Epic Content

What’s the key to produce outstanding content?

Tom Ewer

Tom EwerI consider the word “outstanding” in this context to be a bit of a misnomer, because people can write some truly great content and find that it does not perform particularly well. With that in mind, I believe the key to writing outstanding content is simply practice. The more you write, and the more you learn about what proves to be popular (and what doesn’t), the better you become at writing the kind of content that people will really enjoy.

No one becomes a brilliant writer overnight — although you can read, learn and pick up techniques, your ability to create great content only truly develops when you exercise your talent.

Tom Ewer, founder of Leaving Work Behind, is an excellent freelance writer and a professional blogger.


Demian Farnworth

Demian FarnworthThat’s a tough question because there is not one single key–but a thousand. Hard work, imagination, feedback, patience and perseverance rise to the top. You have to have natural talent (there is such a thing), too. And luck. You’re masterpiece is worthless if the right eyeballs–the influencers and thought leaders–don’t see it. But what is outstanding content to begin with? You’ll never know unless you have an audience (of one or a million) to validate it. But then again, a million people CAN be wrong. Just look at Shades of Grey. Or are they wrong? Let’s add ignore the critics to that list while we’re at it. Didn’t expect such a philosophical answer, did you?

Demian Farnworth is the founder of The Copybot, chief copywriter of Copyblogger and an outstanding writer.


Erika Napoletano

Erika NapoletanoThe only key in my book to producing outstanding content is knowing who you are as a brand — because if you don’t know, no one else will, either. People return to sites time and time again because they know and love what they’ll find. If they can’t say, “Hey! I like this person!” because you’re always trying to play it safe, you’ll find yourself spiraling into a slow, numbing death as a brand. Get out there, have an opinion, and start a conversation. All those likes and tweets don’t mean a hill of beans if all anyone says is, “AWESOME!” By knowing who you are, you’ll attract the people you want and need most to whatever content you create — those who will share it far and wide, make you think, and on occasion disagree (which starts yet another conversation).

Erika Napoletano, founder of RedHead Writing, is a writer, branding and marketing expert and the author of the book “The Power of Unpopular”.


James Chartrand

James ChartrandWell, there isn’t one.

A key would imply that there’s a tool, a way, a single method of gaining entry into a place you’d love to get inside. And for people who’d love to write outstanding content all the time, hopes are high!

But the truth is that there is no such key. You can’t just insert, turn, and enter the realm of great writing. (I know; it’s unfortunate.)

Sadly, there are plenty of people out there who want you to think there is a magic recipe to stellar words, and that they know it intimately. They want you to believe they can just whip it out and follow it any time they please.

They can’t.

Yes, have a great headline. Yes, use storytelling to draw people in. Yes, have good voice and be authentic. But there’s never a guarantee that even if you do all these, you’ll produce outstanding work.

Even the pros telling you how to write outstanding content don’t get it right every time. They’ve all written “meh” posts and can never always knocks it out of the park consistently. “Outstanding” every time and on demand?


In fact, that’s the key: Knowing that most days, you’ll just write well enough, and that ‘outstanding’ is a rare surprise you get to enjoy from time to time. Forget trying to reach impossible goals – just do your best, keep the pressure off, and enjoy the writing you do.

You’ll neatly sidestep writer’s block and write happily, stress-free… and that’s what I call outstanding.

James Chartrand is the founder of Men With Pens, a leading copywriter, problogger, business expert, published author and renowned online entrepreneur.


Michael Chibuzor

Michael ChibuzorI’ll make it simple and bring in home. I use several vital keys when writing for my audience and as a guest post.

But the ultimate key is to “STUDY and UNDERSTAND” those who would eventually read your content. It’s the same rule even in offline businesses. You must know your ideal customer, their pains and soft spot so you can solve their problems ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Michael Chibuzor, founder of Content Marketing Up, is a freelance writer who helps entrepreneurs, bloggers, small and mid-sized businessmen with their content marketing strategy.


Jeff Goins

Jeff GoinsThe key to producing outstanding content is to always write what inspires you. If you’re bored, we’re bore. So create stuff you can be proud of; a great place to begin is with what gets you excited. Results often follow passion.

Jeff Goins is a passionate and expert writer and the author of the book “Wrecked”.


Affiliate Marketing

What’s the most effective way to get profits from affiliate products?

Daniel Sharkov

Daniel SharkovWell, from what I’ve tried and tested on my blog, the best approach for me comes down to writing detailed review posts. Simply putting up banners and expecting people to click on them and buy whatever you are promoting might seem good on paper but it isn’t ideal when put to practice.

And although I am not a fan of super-long articles, when it comes to product reviews, they have to be detailed – people should easily understand that you are promoting a product or a service that you have actually found useful. There’s no doubt – affiliate marketing is mainly about making money, but it is best when the end result is a win-win situation for both you and your audience.

Aside from that the post should be well-optimized for readers AND search engines. The latter are the key to making sales and I believe are more powerful than social media. Social media is a great way to spread the word, but not that helpful if you want to seal the deal i.e. get the commissions rolling in.

Daniel Sharkov, founder of Reviewz ‘n’ Tips , is a renowned blogger and a social media influencer – with over 60,000 Twitter followers.


Alex Whalley

Alex WhalleyThere are a lot of factors that need to be considered when looking at answering this question directly, but I will do so as best I can here.

The most effective way to get profits from affiliate products is to understand the market, plain and simple. Before you even think about promoting an affiliate product you need to have a knowledge of the niche the product sits in but more importantly you need to know WHY people are buying this product. Once you can establish this, finding out the best place to get traffic from, where to promote the product and what keywords are the most profitable become so much easier.

You need to look at it backwards basically, starting with the actual sale of the product/service and TOTALLY IGNORING AFFILIATE MARKETING. If you can establish the reasons people are buying this product then you can reverse engineer your own sales funnel (so to speak) and turn some massive profits!


Example: I was promoting a CPA offer for iTunes giftcards and was not converting well at all. Why? I was thinking like an affiliate marketer, you know – the one who builds web2.0 sites and writes good content and builds huge link wheels and leverages the crap out of it all – hoping to rank for various keywords around free iTunes gift cards and free music (among other things) or get social traffic… and blah blah blah blah blah.

Then I started from the other end of the sales funnel and I spent time trying to understand the reasons people want free iTunes gift cards. Ok so you may be thinking ‘Everyone wants free iTunes gift cards’ and you may be right, but the thing is (and this is the key) everyone is NOT looking online for them. But someone is…. I did some research. (cue the music)


I started targeting both PPC and organic campaigns towards people who had just purchased or were looking to purchase…headphones! Everyone has an iPhone or smartphone that is in essence an mp3 player and so the market for quality headphones is growing exponentially. I simply tapped into this

market because I took the time to understand the affiliate product I was promoting and as a result turned an average $200 month into over $5500 in commissions in the next 30 days.


Remember, it is not how well you can generate traffic that counts, it is how well you understand the who what where when and WHY of your affiliate offer.

Alex Whalley is an internet marketing expert who specialized in growing niche sites (from keywords research to link building to marketing).


Steve Scott

Steve ScottThe best way to get profits from affiliate products is to build an email list. There is a lot of trust involved with getting people to spend money on an offer. Most people won’t take action from a simple recommendation on a web page. Instead they have to feel like you have their best interests at heart. Your goal with an email list is to FIRST provide excellent content and build a relationship with subscribers. Only after you’ve done that, should you start promoting affiliate offers.

Steve Scott is an internet marketing expert who has a huge understanding of affiliate marketing. He’s also a really prolific Kindle books author.


SunilIf I am going to promote something, I want to first use it, get comfortable with it and the results it delivers. Next I’d write about it, both the pros and cons in as much detail as possible and let my readers decide whether the product is a good fit for them. This approach has not failed me to date.

Sunil is the founder of Extra Money Blog and a successful online entrepreneur.


Chris Guthrie

Chris GuthrieThe single most effective method to get affiliate product sales is to continue to grow your email list. Over the past year statistically my blog has sent under 5% of my total affiliate sales whereas the emails I’ve sent to my various email lists contributed the rest of the over 95%

Chris Guthrie, founder of Make Money On The Internet, is an online entrepreneur who is skilled in affiliate marketing and building successful websites.


Build a Successful Blog

If you had to start over, how would you build a famous blog in the fastest way?

Brankica Underwood

Brankica UnderwoodI would write about a popular topic with a different (new) angle no one is using so far and do two things like crazy – write a lot (and then some more) and focus on social media like an addict. Seems to be working great on some of the projects I am involved in now and I love the results.

Brankica Underwood is the founder of Online Income Star, a pro blogger and an online business strategist.



RamsayTo be honest I probably wouldn’t focus on speed anymore. Something I’ve noticed with the “fast” success stories is that they often fail as quick as they pop up.

What I’d rather focus on is a sustainable blog that was built around the idea of creating potential income streams for years to come. I’d give myself a year to get my first 5,000 subscribers by writing content that funnelled readers to a relevant and quality free giveaway.

But if you REALLY want to do it the fast way the secret is to find ways to connect with the big players in your niche. Focus on relationship building – even more than content building. It leads to big opportunities.

Ramsay, founder of Blog Tyrant, is an online marketing expert that has an extensive experience in growing blogs.


Brian D. Hawkins

Brian D. HawkinsIf I had to start over, and I actually did just that, I’d post consistently and share for the right reasons. I love the idea of linking out to other blogs and sharing their content across the various networks, but only for your readers and subscribers.

Linking out to other bloggers in an attempt to draw them to your blog is wrong. We should link to content because it’s a great resource for our readership.

The same thing applies to social sharing; we should share things with our followers because it’s helpful or entertaining for them, not to gain props from the original source.

There’s nothing wrong with networking and helping one another but we can see the reasons a mile away. So the next time we decide to link to or share someone else’s content because WE benefit from it, we’re off-track and not fooling anyone.

Brian D. Hawkins, founder of Hot Blog Tips, is a blogger and online businessman who has over 12 years of online experience.


Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson

If I had to start over and had no previous business or branding online, I would create a blog that is focused on other popular bloggers, marketers and online entrepreneurs. There is no better way to attract an audience and it’s a killer way to get incoming links from everyone you write about.

Zac Johnson is a successful online entrepreneur who has more than 10 years of experience in internet marketing.


Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh BrockIf I had to start over, I’d never get on Blogger – start with WordPress on Day 1 – and I’d keep a consistent blog schedule, so either once a week or three times a week, I would keep it consistent to the day and time of publish. I would also start a podcast alongside my blog from Day 1. And definitely start my newsletter from Day zero even before having a blog. You can figure out the email strategy later but capture the email addresses of those who want to hear from you early on. I would also focus less on which widget and tool I need to install and more on creating the best content and building community. Of course we all do our best at the time we are doing new things and learning new ways, so whatever your choices may have been, don’t worry and just make better ones going forward. Even with tons of mistakes, my blog has grown and I continue to learn and refine the process every day.

Farnoosh Brock is the founder of Prolific Living, an entrepreneur and phenomenal coach.


David Risley

David RisleyFirst off, I wouldn’t necessarily concentrate on getting “famous”. My focus is on building a business, and I can name off a bunch of “famous” blogs which make pretty low revenue. But, that said, let’s talk traffic…

There are two ways to build traffic:
1. Buy it.
2. Grow it.

#1 is absolutely the fastest, so if you’ve got a budget, throw some money at it. Facebook ads, solo ads, etc.

#2 takes more time. All you’ve got to keep in mind is “go where the people are”. In other words, determine what type of person you want to reach, find out where they already are, and meet them there. Some ways to do that are guest posting, social media groups, LinkedIn question and answers, G+ communities, forums, etc. Back this up with concentration on growing your email list and OWN social communities (to keep the traffic you’re attracting). Then, perhaps throw in some promotional efforts like press releases. All backed up by content worth spreading.

There’s no magic pill. You just gotta do it.

David Risley, founder of Blog Marketing Academy, is a content marketing strategist and online publisher who has 14 years of experience online.



What I learned from this crazy idea.

Mauro D’Andrea

Mauro D'AndreaThis post required me a huge amount of time. At the beginning I was expecting to make it in one week, but it took more than 30 days.

The first lesson that I learned is that if you want to make something worth doing, you have to spend time on it. Sometime more time than you may think.

This post is an extreme advocate of my idea that “You can’t succeed without people”. Those people may be your readers, customers, other bloggers, your friends or someone else.
It’s why building relationships is the only shortcut to success – probably you also noticed that many experts in this post put their focus on building relationships.

The last lesson (to tell the truth I could write an entire post about the lessons I learned while I was making this post, but I want to keep this paragraph short) is about learning.
The best way to learn something is to ask someone who is an expert about it.
Here it is the importance of having a mentor: it’s one of the best thing that you could do – a special thanks goes to Danny Iny who taught me guest posting and other great stuff.

Thanks to everyone!

If you liked this post, feel free to share it or refer it to a friend.

Mauro D’Andrea

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    I like what the young lady said about making her pages “highly shareable.” To me that means creating great articles from the heart that others cannot resist sending to their friends and other like-minded individuals.

    I think I’m going to concentrate on my passions first, then as the mood strikes, branch out into legal subjects. If the blog post is not from the heart, it’s not going to come across as “highly sharable.”

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