22 Essential Elements of a Successful Internet Marketing Mindset

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Successful Internet Marketing Mindset

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by blogging?
It seems as you have too many things to do, and your time is never enough.

Have you ever felt as your internet marketing efforts are being wasted?
When you don’t see good results it’s hard to go on.

Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever find the answers you need to succeed with your online business?
So many times your questions were unanswered.

These are just few of the problems that affect who has a blog, you know it.
Let me tell you that you can solve all those problems almost overnight.

Don’t believe me?

The Problem (and the Solution) is Your Mindset

You may have traffic problems, conversion problems, engagement problems and many more, but the solution is always the same.
It’s the same solution for the problems that I described at the beginning of this post.

It’s the closest thing to the famous magic pill.

You could speak with thousands of successful people, and you will notice that most of them reached the success in a different way, but all of them have something in common: the mindset.

Your mindset is the key to your success…or to your failure.
It’s your choice: you can adopt a successful mindset and succeed, or you can stick to an unsuccessful mindset.

Let’s be honest: adopting a successful mindset requires huge efforts and concentration, but it’s the only way to long-lasting success.

Adopting a successful mindset it’s hard if you don’t know what to do, but I can help you with this ;)

1. Ask the Right Questions

When you ask a poor question, you get a poor answer.
When you ask a great question, you get a great answer.

If you could just take one idea from this post, let it be this one.

You’ll find many problems in your life, and you’ll get many solutions as well. Better questions will make you find better solutions.

For example, you may ask yourself “Why can’t I get the traffic that I want?” without getting any good answer – and feeling quite demotivated – or you can ask yourself “How can I get more traffic than I’m currently getting?”, and you’ll find some interesting answers.

You can ask “Why can’t I reach the success?” or you can ask “How can I reach the success?”. This time even the second question is a bad one: it won’t really bring to specific and actionable answers.
You can change it in “How can I reach the success efficiently using my current resources?”, and this question will lead you to better answers.

Here are the takeaways:

  • High quality questions lead to high quality answers
  • More specific questions bring to more specific and actionable answers.
  • When you can’t find the solutions, it’s because you are not asking the right questions


2. Find Your “WHY”

Why are you doing it? Why are you working hard on your blog while having another job?

Give these questions your true answers, be honest with yourself.
There’s nothing bad in desiring to have a lot of free time to spend with your dears.

It’s important that you find your real reasons and visualize them in your mind. Make vivid pictures.

Do you know why is this so important?

This is the only thing that will make you go on when you feel the pain, when you are in your darkest moment, when your fears come out, when others don’t help you, when results don’t come and when you feel like you are running after an impossible dream.

The only way to go on in those moments is to have a solid, strong motivation. You won’t be motivated enough if your aren’t running after your real dreams.

3. Do it NOW

Of course, you can work on your next post tomorrow, but only if you don’t want to reach your goals.
The success is owned by people who act now.

There’s no tomorrow, no next week, no next year, just now.

Take action now, no matter how little is the step. It’s important that you go toward your goals now.
If you don’t try to do something now, probably you won’t try to do it tomorrow.
I know, sometimes it’s hard to do something, but at least try to do it now.

Actions, not ideas, change the world.

4. Be Focused

It’s easy to spread your energies on too many things when you run a blog.
You may start writing blog posts, but as soon as you notice that no one comments or shares them you may jump on Facebook to get traffic; after 2 weeks on Facebook you notice that you aren’t getting traffic from it so you may build an account on Twitter.
Unluckily Twitter doesn’t send you traffic and you try something else.

Having that approach is a complete waste of time.

Instead, to achieve your goals you should focus on one thing and master it before you move on something else.

Find your priorities and focus on them: first things first.
Leave out all the other tasks.
No matter how many things you want to accomplish, focus on your first priority first. Only after your first priority is gone, focus on the second priority and so on.

5. Failures are Feedbacks

Are you afraid to fail?

You shouldn’t.
Are you afraid to make one thing right? No way.
Well, failure and success are two faces of the same medal: feedback.

Both failures and successes are feedbacks. The first one means that you did something that didn’t work, the second one make you know that you did something in the right way.

Now, let me ask you this: how fast do you want to succeed?
If you want to succeed fast, you need to fail fast.

Failures are wonderful tools for learning, you can’t go on without them!
If you had not fallen from your bike many times, you wouldn’t have learned to go on a bike.

If you don’t fail online again and again and again, you won’t run a successful blog.

6. Be Prepared to Problems

You’ll encounter many difficulties on your road to success.
No matter how smart or resourceful you are, difficulties will appear.
It’s the life.

The average person encounters a difficulty, and he thinks: “What the hell! I was doing so great, why this happened to me?”.
A successful person encounters a difficulty, and he thinks: “Oh, there’s a difficulty! What a surprise! Let’s see how I can deal with it”.

Which of the two do you think works better?
Of course the second one.

If you know that you’ll encounter difficulties, you will be prepared and you will deal with them at your best.
Expect difficulties on your road.

7. Fight to Reach Your Goals

Given that you’ll have many difficulties, you’ll have to fight to overcome them.

The problems that you encounter on your road are there just to test you.
They are there to show that you really want something – or vice versa.

When you really want something, you aren’t scared to fight for it.
I guess that you already fought for one of your dears or for your values more than once.

It’s the same with your blog. Do you really want to succeed online?
In that case you’ll fight until you make it.

Show yourself that you are a lion and go take what you want.

8. If Something Doesn’t Work, It Doesn’t Matter

Other than learning from your mistakes, you can understand that failures don’t matter.
Why should you stress over something that doesn’t work.

There are tens, if not hundreds, of other ways to achieve something, you don’t need to think about the ones that don’t work.

If you can’t make great interviews to grow your blog, who cares? You can make guest posts.
Guest posts don’t work for you?
Try videos, or slideshows, or podcast, or forum talks, or building relationships, or social networks, or hundreds of other solutions…

Focus on what works, don’t waste your energy complaining yourself “I can’t do videos”.

9. Work Hard or Work Smart…but Work

Many people say that you have to work hard to succeed.
There are other people who say that you don’t need to work hard, but you have to work smart to succeed.

Here’s the truth: it doesn’t matter.

Work hard or work smart, or do both, but work.
If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing.
Please work.

If you want to reach your goals, the only thing that will get you there is the work.
Of course, some ways to reach the success are faster than others, but if you don’t know how to (or can’t) take those, take the longer ones.
Without working you won’t go toward your goals, so it’s better to reach them slowly than not reaching them at all.

10. Read Less, Do More

There are many great advice out there, but the truth is that there are too many of them: you couldn’t read them all.
In a world overloaded with information, it’s easy to read too much and do too few.
Don’t fall in this trap.

It’s way more effective to read one useful thing and translate it into practice than it’s reading many awesome tips and doing nothing.

As said before, to get results you need to take action and work consistently.
Reading should just support your actions, not taking their place.

11. One Step at a Time

Don’t overdo, you’re human.

Especially when you are really passionate about something, you try to do as much as you can.
Pay attention because working online it’s really like a snowball that rolls down from the side of a mountain: it starts small, but it suddenly becomes big.

It happens that you start working on your email marketing campaign, but you also start writing posts on your blog, making guests posts, tweeting, being on Facebook and so on.
At the beginning you can do all of these things, but as soon as the things grow you find hard to pay attention to all of them.

You may also try to accomplish too complex or too hard tasks. For example, if you haven’t ever made a guest post, it’s an excessive move to try guest posting on Copyblogger.

Take doable steps and do them one at a time.
Before you run, you need to learn to walk.

12. There’s No Finish

Once I believed that when you reach the success things start to become easy, you have lots of free time, you don’t have problems anymore and bullets bounce on your chest.
This is what most of the people believe too.

Whit the course of the time I understood how fool that idea was.
As you become more and more successful, you have to face bigger challenges, you may not find the time to eat a sandwich and you have to keep your success.

Of course, with a successful blog you may take your pc and go around the world, and you don’t have to wake up at 8 am, but this doesn’t mean that you would have an easy life – just a better one.

13. Learn to Take Lots of Decisions

Most of the time you have many options to choose from.
This means that you shouldn’t worry if one of them doesn’t work, but it also means that you need to take decisions. Lots of decisions.

You take lots of decisions in your every day life, but when you run a blog (especially if you run a successful one) you have to take 3X that number of decisions. Many of them are small decisions, some other are big ones, but all of them are important.

You want to be comfortable in the decision making process as soon as you can. This means that you have to embrace mistakes as well – among all your decisions, mistakes will be a constant presence.

Notice that even when you don’t decide, you are taking a decision: you are deciding to be inactive.
Learn to take the decisions that make you move toward your goals.

14. Learn From Others

You can make your own mistakes and learn from them, or you can read about others’ mistakes and shortcut your learning process.

Having a mentor or following a successful person is a great way to learn fast, take advantage of it.

If you hadn’t learned from others, you would have needed hundreds of years to learn what you currently know.
The same applies to internet marketing: you are following many blogs to learn how to succeed online because you know that otherwise you would need much more time just to learn the simplest things.

The problem here is that you may follow too many people or you may follow the wrong (for your business) ones.
My advice is to follow no more than 3 people regularly. Choose those people based on your business needs, on how you do feel with them and on how helpful they are.

15. Set Realistic Measurable Goals

Do you want to become a millionaire?
Me too, but it’s not my current goal. The reason for that is simple: currently it seems like an unrealistic goal.

Many people set unrealistic goals so when they realize that they are too far from them, they get discouraged and give up.
It’s ok to set a big goal, but you should be able to reach it or set a smaller goal.

It’s extremely important that you can measure your goals otherwise you can’t see how you are doing.
If your goal is “reach the success online”, you can’t know if you are coming close to it, and you won’t know when this is going to happen.

Instead set measurable goals like “having 1,000 subscribers” or “getting 1,000$ per month”. In these cases you know when you are getting close to them.

Give yourself a time to reach your goals.
This is extremely helpful to see also if you are doing good or if you should change your strategies.

For example if you want to reach 1,000 email subscribers in the next six months, you know that you are doing something wrong if in your first month you just get 10 subscribers. This gives you the chance to improve your strategy.

16. You Can Always Do Better

Your results in the last month were amazing?
Well, you can do better than it therefore try to push your limits.

Anytime you accomplish something, think that you can get even something more.
It’s the way excellence is made: you always try to get things further.

Notice that when you don’t move on, usually you move back – another good reason to push your limits and your business ones.

17. Add Value

Always add value to people.
Add value with your products, with your posts, with your emails, with your comments.
People are addicted to value.

Try to figure out how you can add value to people, because it’s the best way to build a successful business (both online and offline).
If you want to stand out online, this is a great way to do it.

Try also to learn how to add more value to people even with your existing works.

An example comes from my 14-part course Online Income from A to Z. Once it was made by 12 parts, but then I decided to add more value to my email subscribers so I added two more pieces of content to it.

18. Quality Over Quantity

Should I write many normal posts or should I write few quality posts?
Should I write long posts or short ones?
Should I give people lots of advice or few great ones?

To answer all these questions, keep in mind that quality it’s always more important than quantity.
Do you prefer to receive a life-changing advice or many unuseful ones?

Of course, you prefer the first one (it’s because you get more value from the first).

If you look around the blogosphere, you’ll notice that most of the people are giving many little advice. You don’t follow their blogs, you follow the blogs where you can find high quality posts.
It’s a great reason to write epic post, isn’t it?

It’s because of the value: you get more value from a high quality post than you may get from many normal posts.

Quality rules.

19. It’s All About People

For sure, you know the myth of the self-made man.
It’s a myth because no one can go far without other people.

You need other people to learn fast, to get practical help, to get support when you are in bad moment, to sell (you can’t sell if people don’t buy), to make join venture and hundreds of other things.

You can’t skip dealing with people and building relationships with them.
Remember that all of your works are for people.

This answers the question “Should I write for people or search engines?” and a dozen of other questions.

20. Be Passionate

Are you passionate about your stuff?

If you are working on a blog, but you are not passionate about the topics you treat, maybe it’s not a good fit for you.

Your passion is crucial to make you work when you are tired, better communicate with people, teach well, put your soul in your writing and so on…

When you are passionate about something it’s as you have a secret weapon with you.
You’ll keep going despite your failures and you’ll believe in your stuff even when you are dealing with difficulties.

You don’t want to quit your daily job to have another job that you don’t like, you want to work with your passions.

21. You Have to Invest Either Time or Money

It makes me laugh a lot when I see that many people search for keywords like “make money fast for free” or “easily make money for free”.

We are not talking about a video game, we are talking about the real life. In real life you have to commit yourself to achieve something.
It means that you to invest either money or time to reach your goals.

Nowadays we are really lucky to have internet. Once, the only way to start your own activity was to invest a huge amount of money – between thousands dollars and hundreds of thousands dollars.
Now you can start your own business with 100$, or a little more if you want to take the shortcuts.

Many people argue “But I don’t want to spend money online”. Ok, don’t do it, but know that you’ll need to spend an enormous amount of time…probably years before you get something worth talking about.

Easy and free success doesn’t exist.
Rapid success costs you money, free success costs you time.

22. There are No Excuses

Take your responsibility for your results.
Ok, sometimes you may be lucky or unlucky, but in the long term it’s only your fault if you fail and your merit if you succeed.

Stop telling you excuses and do what you need to do to reach your goals.
I can’t” or “I don’t know how do it” or “I’m not goo at…” are just excuses.
You can keep telling you this bulls**ts or you can show that you are different from the mass and go towards your goals.

Your Time

Let me hear your opinion and your ideas.
What do you think it’s preventing you from success?
On which points do you think you’re doing good and on which ones you want to work?
Would you add some other points?

Mauro D’Andrea

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  1. hey Mauro,

    I feel like the top 3 most important elements out of your article are these:

    1. Find your “WHY”

    2. One step at a time

    3. Read less, do more

    They’re all essential because it makes us come closer to (our) reality and don’t just wish or dream to build a profitable business… no matter how many tips people receive, we know that
    “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” – Anonymous”

    So, go out there and TAKE ACTION guys! :)


    • Hi John, thank you for sharing your opinion!

      I agree with you that action is THE key element to reach the success.
      And that “anonymous” was a smart guy to say such a thing :)

      Let’s take action!

  2. Taylor says:

    All 22 elements described here are good for successful Internet Marketing Mindset but I liked the four point most and they are:-

    • Quality over Quantity
    • Be Passionate
    • Learn From Others
    • One Step at a Time

    The reason why I liked first point is that I think you can get only one thing at a time, Quality or quantity because if we increase the quantity then it is obvious that quality lack. And about rest point is that we have to be passionate for whatever we are doing, to do it successfully. Always ready to learn from others because they can teach you some that you don’t know. And in the last always put one step at a time to get continuous success.

    • Hi Taylor, thank you for sharing your favourites with us.

      Exactly! Many people prefer the quantity, but it’s the quality that makes the difference. The quantity is good only after you can provide the quality – but it requires a lot of time to be able to make lots of quality works.

      Passions, learning from others and doing one step at a time are important things as well. Well, I would say that, in my opinion, all of the 22 points are important :)

  3. What a very thorough post Mauro. Wow and you’ve really covered it all. My goodness I would have to agree with everything you’ve shared here and I firmly believe that it all starts with your mindset because if you don’t have that functioning right then everything else really just doesn’t even matter. You won’t get far and if you do by some chance, it won’t last.

    Thank you for including my link, I appreciate that and again, great jam packed post.


    • I’m glad you like it, Adrienne.
      I made this post for that reason: many people start their blog thinking that they just need to find a technique that works and they’ll succeed.
      As you said, to reach the success – and to keep it – it’s crucial that you have the right mindset.

      It’s my pleasure Adrienne ;)

  4. your opinion is very nice …
    I think hard and smart work both together is the key to success ….If you miss any one of this then its really difficult to get decided goal.

  5. There are some good points made here. I think the key is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. It’s also important to understand that you have to be prepared to invest to see a ROI.

  6. Very good point, i am very much agreed with some point. but the main point is motivation, many people failed to keep their motivation from start to end it’s the main problem

    • I’m glad you found them interesting, Alex.

      Sure, motivation is crucial, but given that finding motivation is an often unknown suject, I included it in the point 20 – when you are passionate about something, you are motivate to go on.

  7. Thank you for these 22 tips. I just realized how important it is to have my achievable goal always within sight so there is meaning in what I do. Reading this is part of my learning from others.

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    your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? The account helped me a acceptable deal.
    I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea

  9. Eli says:

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  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on PartyLite Candles.

  12. Hi Mauro,

    Well we all know that mindset is crucial isn’t it? You shared some really great tips here and it all has to do with the way you think about things.

    It took me a while to learn how to control my thoughts and ask questions the right way like you suggested here. When things aren’t going right, which they won’t a lot of times, by just changing the phrasing can help tremendously. I do think it has a lot to do though with knowing that the answer will show itself and believing that it will.

    I could go down your list of course and comment on each one but my comment might end up being about as long as your post. I’ll save you from that but I do want to say that your tips are really good.

    I do agree that we need to take it one step at a time, do the work consistently, believe in yourself, associate with the right people, always be willing to learn and grow and things will start to come into place. I know that’s been the case for me. I might not always be where I want to be right this very moment but I know it’s just around the corner. I believe in what I’m doing enough to know that it will all show itself in due time.

    I also want to thank you for linking to one of my posts, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much and great post. I’ll be sure to share it as well.

    You have a wonderful week.


  13. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody?

    This post posted at this site is genuinely good.


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