3 Simple but Astonishingly Effective Techniques to Spread Your Posts

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3 Simple but Astonishingly Effective Techniques to Spread Your Posts

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This is a guest post by Ahmed Safwan.

Every time after I create a post and it gets something like 10 tweets or less and no comments, I stare at my computer and ask, “Why the heck my post didn’t get more traffic?”

“The content is compelling and I’m sure that everyone who checks it will love it. So why it didn’t go viral?”

That’s what happens to everyone when they start out blogging. We publish our post, but no one shares or even comments on the post.
The problem, most of the time, is because of the content of the post.

Many of us can write compelling content, but still no one shares the post nor comments on it. There are a lot of great writers who create great content, yet they aren’t getting noticed.

Is it because of their design?


Is it because of their content?


They already create compelling content, so why are their posts not getting shared, commented or talked about? Here’s why…

It’s Not Only About the Content.

Compelling content isn’t the only thing you you need to make people share your post. You need to add some ingredients to make the post spread more.

A lot of us could create compelling content. Most tips are shared on other blogs, so why should I share your content? That’s what the extra ingredients help you do.

You add some more ingredients to make the post spread far and quickly, and people can’t help but share the content.

Here are 3 ingredients you could add today to your next compelling content and make it spread like wildfire.

1. Push Buzz Buttons

Push Buzz Buttons

Mark Hughes was the man behind the idea of buzz buttons. He is the VP of marketing at Half.com and was able to convince the town of Halfway, Oregon to rename itself Half.com.

He wrote a book called Buzz Marketing, where he shares the 6 buttons that always get people fired up, when they’re used right.

Pushing one or more buzz buttons is enough to make people fired up and share your post with their followers and friends…when they’re used right.
No matter what niche you are in or the type of content you create, you must use them.

Mark found that they consistently get people to talk about these topics. So what are these six buttons?

Here are the six buttons:

      1. Taboo: Content that is seen by surfers as improper, prohibited or unacceptable. Sex and lies could be an example and a surefire way to keep people talking about your content.
      2. Unusual: Not common or ordinary; exceptional content. It doesn’t have to be new. It just has to be something uncommon to your readers.
      3. Outrageous: Shocking and unconventional content. It often invokes anger, or it sometimes invokes excitement, like the “I can’t believe you did it” type of content.
      4. Hilarious: Funny content. It’s better to push it with other buttons. Outrageous+hilarious have always worked for comedians. But don’t try it, because it may cause you to push other buttons in the wrong way.
      5. Remarkable: Extraordinary, worthy-of-attention content. It’s something that adds value to your reader’s life. The best examples of this type of content are personal life experiences or case studies.
      6. Secret: Content that is kept from the knowledge of others. It has to be secret, but not so much that no one has ever heard of it. Take this post as an example. I’m sharing with you content from other popular books that you may have never heard of. It was a secret for you that you didn’t know, but I revealed it to you.

These are the six buzz buttons and I’ve just shown you how you can use them in your next post.

Try to think of a button that you could push, and try to push it effectively in your content to make people share it.

If you can add more buttons, this would be better, but make sure that you add them effectively or they may hurt you instead of benefiting you.

2. Use the Power of Triggers

Use the Power of Triggers

This is one of the most effective ways to make your ideas spread like wildfire.

Try to find a way to trigger your audience and make them think of you.

Let’s take an example:

Did you hear the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black? People said, “Why should we listen to a 16-year-old girl?” and so on. The song was one of the most viral videos in 2011 and has been watched on YouTube more than 300 million times.

Even now, if you ever notice the trends on how people search for Rebecca Black or the song, you’ll see spikes. If you look closer, you’ll see that the spikes are regular. If you look even closer, you’ll find that the spikes are on Friday.

But why?

Whenever Friday comes, it triggers people and makes them remember the song, so they automatically think about the song.

Let’s take another example that you may be familiar with from the online world:

Marie Forleo creates a Q&A video on Tuesday. She named it Q&A Tuesday.

Now when Tuesday comes, her audience and I always think of her. I wait for her new video every Tuesday. (By the way, they’re actually great and well worth the wait.)

If she sends it later, many of her audience members will email her asking her, “Where is your Q&A Tuesday video?!”

Triggers are really great things. Using the power of triggers is enough to make you build your business faster.

But you don’t only need to trigger your audience and make them think about you using the days of the week. You could also trigger them by naming your techniques.

Let’s take another example from the awesome Derek Halpern.

Derek Halpern had created something called the Drafting Technique. It’s a really simple technique, but an amazing one.

The technique is all about getting press. He could have called it something like, “How to Get Press” and this would attract more people to his site, but he didn’t use it.

He named it and anchored it to something else. Now, whenever you hear about getting more press, you’ll think about the drafting technique and this will make you think about Derek Halpern and his blog, Social Triggers.

To this day, many people regularly search for info about the drafting technique. This gets him even more traffic.

Also, whenever anyone mentions the technique, they link to him, sending him more and more traffic.

The best part is that readers don’t forget about it easily. If you read something that is about how to get more press, you’ll enjoy it…and then you’ll skip it, never thinking about it again.

I can’t help but mention the drafting technique whenever I think about getting press. It’s much more memorable.

So, make sure to use the power of triggers whenever you can.

3. Put Your Content on Bigger Blogs

Put Your Content on Bigger Blogs

This is an obvious but also effective tip to make your post spread more.

Your blog is still small. Even if it’ll spread and you get 100 tweets, you could still get more.

Standing out in the crowd for a new blogger is the hardest problem.
Putting a post on bigger blogs will give more exposure to your blog. Your stage will be bigger and your opportunity to get your post viral is easier.

The best thing about guest posting is that not only your post will spread like wildfire, you’ll be able to build a relationship with the owner and get help with your blogging career in the long run. It’s amazing.

So, you’ll get higher traffic, more exposure, more subscribers, deep relationships with influencers and you could use that as social proof of your abilities.

Let’s take Copyblogger as an example. They have more than 180,000 subscribers that are eager to check every new post they send.

Think about it, when you’re able to perform on a stage and have more than 180,000 people waiting to hear from you. It’s incredible.

So, when you have an idea that you think needs more traffic than your blog can get, send it to a popular blog to have it on a bigger stage.

Last Words:

In this day and age, creating compelling content isn’t enough by itself to build a popular blog. You need more than just some ideas shared.

You need to add ingredients to your post to make it spread more and get more traffic from it.

Here are 3 ingredients you could add to make it better:

1. Push buzz buttons: These are buttons that always generate buzz when they’re used correctly.

      1. Taboo
      2. Unusual
      3. Outrageous
      4. Hilarious
      5. Remarkable
      6. Secret

I’ve showed you some tips to use them in the post. If you want more, check out Mark’s book, Buzz Marketing.

2. Use the power of triggers: try to trigger your audience in any way that makes them check your posts.

3. Put your content on a bigger blogs: Having your post on a bigger stage will make your job easier.

You now have 3 ingredients that you can add to your next post. Why don’t you try them and see the results?

They’ve been proven more than once to work, so go and try them.

Do you have any other ingredient we could add? Why don’t you share them in the comments below?

Did you apply those ingredients before and get results? Share them down in the comments.

And make sure to check the blogger’s handbook to creating viral blog posts.

Author Bio

Ahmed SafwanAhmed Safwan is a blogger and marketer that teaches how you can get your posts shared, tweeted, and talked about. If you want more people to read and interact with your content, check out his free Blogger’s Handbook for Writing Viral Posts!


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  1. It is so true. You slave away on your content only to be ignored!! This gave me an idea for a controvesial post I think I am going to write in the next day. Watch out for it – it might go viral :> well get a few clicks anyway. Great tips, thanks

    • Good idea, Ashley: controversial posts have a great potential.

    • Megan says:

      Mauro…I guess I’ll take your last and obvious tip about posting to a bigger blog and spread the word on mine. Guess I’ll have to see if they work :)

  2. Iain says:

    I had forgotten about those buzz buttons. Thanks for reminding me again .

    You really have to look at what you create and see if it has all these components before you release them. Doing that should help to make your posts get a more exposure.

    I think it’s difficult for people to feel that they can freely give away their best stuff on bigger blogs, but I guess it’s a must to get more eyeballs on your blog.

    • Hi Iain, I think that putting time in your work always pay off, so enriching your posts as much as you can is always a good thing :)

      Sure, guest posting is a sure-fire way to bring people’s attention on you.

  3. Remarkable suggestions Ahmed.

    I am struggling hard to make noise for my blog and the biggest thing I am missing to achieve this is guest blogging. These days I am reading many awesome bloggers and learning the ways to write more reachable content.

    I loved your push button idea also (I was not aware about any such button :)), So I am going to use it wisely on my blog to build awesome audience.

    Thanks for such beautiful content.

  4. Bonjour Mauro D’Andrea! I love this post. Really informative and useful for me, a newbie in online business. your advice will help me improve my content blog. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more helpful information from you.

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  6. Tyler says:

    The push Buzz buttons make great sense, especially taboo. When something seems like “taboo” people can hardly help but look, because it gets their interest spiked and seems like something that maybe they shouldn’t view, yet they can’t seem to help themselves.

  7. I am truly delighted to read this website posts which
    includes plenty of valuaable data, thanks for providing suchh statistics.

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    that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Troy says:

    Thanks for the info :)

  11. shubh says:
  12. Great and wonderful insight. Attaching my post to bigger blogs is indeed a true tip.

    Thanks i appreciate, i will see to it that this is applied in my blog; it has to advertise upcoming and uncoming talents


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