6 Steps to Generate Tons of Sales from Inbound Marketing

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6 Steps to Generate Tons of Sales from Inbound MarketingAre you taking advantage of inbound marketing in the right way?

Inbound marketing can help you close lots of sales, but you have to take the right steps.
It’s like a mechanism: if just one piece doesn’t work, the whole structure won’t work.

And it’s very common to miss a step.
I remember when I started my first blog: I focused so much on getting the traffic I wanted that I completely ignored the step to convert leads into sales; the results weren’t good in terms on earning as you can imagine!

Notice that even when you take all the steps you can improve your inbound marketing process.

I’m sure that you’ll appreciate this infographic that will lead you towards the whole inbound marketing process.

6 Steps to Generate Tons of Sales from Inbound Marketing

Infographic by IMPACT.

Find the steps that you aren’t taking and start implementing them.

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Mauro D’Andrea

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  1. hi Mauro

    That’s an interesting and very well done infographic.. inbound marketing is the reason for my niche site empire/affiliate marketing success — without content and reaching to others, no site or product can generate the sales and interest it deserves, is it?

    • Hi John, inbound marketing is surely the best thing to do when it comes to marketing – even though outbound marketing has worked well since a few years ago…but it’s worse than inbound marketing!

  2. Hey Mauro, fantastic infographic. Takes us from A-Z!! My only problem is I am stuck somewhere at K!! haha. Well we learn more everyday and hopefully at the end I will be at Z. I have the traffic, and some offers, but no real sales yet. Let’s see what I can do :>

    • I’m glad you liked it, Ashley.
      We always have something to learn, even after Z :)

      Did you put in practice the lessons from the email series “Online Income”? Those can help a lot with sales.

  3. We all are know that inbound marketing is one of the most effective way to build a strong relationship with the customer. So all of your above steps are truly incredible for getting more knowledge about inbound marketing . Thanks for sharing your above thought with us.

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