How to REALLY Increase Your Online Revenues in 4 Steps


81% of bloggers never make $100 from their blogs.

Most of the people who build a blog want to make money from it, but a huge percentage of them can’t.
Lack of tools?
Lack of investments?
Lack of luck?

These three things can contribute to your success, but the reality is that you don’t really need them.
To increase your online revenues you just need to do one of four things – but possibly all of them:

  • Increase your blog traffic
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Increase your earning per sale
  • Increase your amount of customers’ purchases

(to tell the truth, there is a fifth elements that is “reduce your costs”, but sometime it’s a really complex task that is not doable)
The first two elements could be included in a single one called “get more customers”, but for a better understanding I prefer to break it into 2 steps.

It’s simple: if you have more customers, or they spend more on a single purchase, or they buy more from you, you’ll increase your revenues.
Of course, these concepts apply even if you haven’t an online revenue yet (going from 0 to $1000 is still an increase in your revenue).

The theory it’s really that simple, the practice it’s a little harder.
It’s the main reason why you are reading this, isn’t it? :)

On Blog Growth, you’ll find detailed and practical advice that we’ll help you to increase your online revenues.
I’ll provide you all of the necessary information to help you reach your goals.

These are my core values:

  • Provide High Value Content
  • Keep Evolving
  • Keep Things Simple
  • Offer Practical Solutions
  • Be Real

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Mauro D'Andrea

Mauro D’Andrea, the founder of Blog Growth, is an internet marketing expert that specialized in email marketing and content marketing.

His approach to marketing is to keep it simple – he uses the same methodology to teaching.
He loves to explain ideas and to give complete replies to comments.

He is constantly trying to push things – and people – to the next level.

He is one of the top influencers on SlideShare too. Most of his presentations have been featured on SlideShare homepage.

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