What Type of Content Brings Links and Social Shares?

What type of content brings links and social shares

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The special mantra to bring the visitors on your website is to get linked on the other websites and get social shares for your website content. But, does every kind of content bring backs links and social shares?

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How Blogger-Holic Are You? [Quiz]

Today, I want to do something unusual on this blog…which is also very unusual in the internet marketing field.

Internet marketing shouldn’t always be boring…it may be fun!

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What Should You Build First: an Audience or a Product?

What Should You Build First: an Audience or a Product?

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Have you ever wondered what your first move should be?

Do you build a product first? Or do you build an audience first?

If you read a few blogs around the web, you have heard so many different advice about this topic.
Some experts advise you to build an audience first, some others say that you should build a product first…

Everyone explains his point of view, but no one tells the entire story as it is, so you probably are just more confused than before.

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What’s REALLY Wrong with Blogging?

What's REALLY Wrong with Blogging?

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Have you ever had the sensation that blogging was just a waste of time?

You go on taking care of your blog, you struggle to bring traffic to it, you spend hours upon hours of your precious time to produce remarkable content…and you see no results.
At least not appreciable results.

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Does Posting Frequency REALLY Affect Organic Traffic?

Does Posting Frequency REALLY Affect Organic Traffic?

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It has been a while since my last detailed post on this blog, I hope you felt the missing of my articles a little :)

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Running a Test, See You the 21st of October

I’m sorry to tell you that today’s post is delayed, as well as the one for the next week.

I’m currently running an interesting test about search engine traffic, and the delay is a crucial part of the experiment.
I’ll share with you the results soon ;)

And don’t worry, from the 21st of October blog posts will be back regularly.

Have a great week,

Mauro D’Andrea