7 Common Web Design Mistakes that Cost You Money

Web Design Mistakes

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93726493@N00/2451591110/

Do you know that your sidebar may cost you a lot of money?

To tell the truth it’s not the only part of your web design that may make you lose some bucks.
Give a look around the web and you’ll notice many silly (but common) web design mistakes.

Would you go in a restaurant with a dirty frontage and some rubbish near the entry?

I wouldn’t. Those things make you think that such restaurant is low quality and serves unhealthy food.

A similar thing happens when you land on a bad looking blog: you classify it as low quality, and you leave as fast as light.

Even if a first time visitor remains on an ugly blog, probably he won’t buy products because of the design. People need to know that you are reliable and professional to buy from you, but a bad web design gives a sense of unreliability. [Read more...]

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