Link Building Survey 2013 – Link Building Tactics and Trends

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Link Building Survey 2013 – Link Building Tactics and TrendsLink building is one of the most controversial topic in the entire blogosphere.

Some people prefer to actively build backlinks while others want to produce and promote content that are link-worthy.
Some people choose the black hat SEO for their blog while others prefer to adopt white hat SEO.
Some bloggers find some link building techniques effective, while others use completely different techniques.

Given that links play the main role when it comes to search engine rankings, it’s very important to have them…but who is right? And who is “wrong”?
What does really work to build links that make you get higher rankings?

There are so many opinions around the web about link building that more than often is hard to have an objective answer.

Because of these I was thinking that this link building survey may help you have clearer ideas about link building:
The Link Building Survey 2013Original source


Let’s Talk About This

What’s your favourite way to build backlinks? Do you think that actively building backlinks is harmful?

Let’s talk about this in the comments.

Mauro D’Andrea

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  1. Neno says:

    Hi Mauro,

    This is a very good overview of link building. I don’t think that there is a single blogger who doesn’t struggle with link building initially. It is probably toughest part of blog promotion. On of the reasons is that it can be so time consuming.


    • Hi Neno, I’m glad you liked it.

      Sure, link building takes a lot of time, and this is the main reason why agencies spend a lot to outsource it.

  2. Hey Mauro, what a great infographic. Link building is a super important topic we all worry about. I have also started Guest blogging lately to help with this area and it seems now google is targeting it too. But I think if you do it right and properly, it is still a very valid and useful way to get links. If not, then what else do we have!!

    • Hi Ashley, I’m glad that you liked it.

      It seems like Google wants guest posts to provide nofollow links…but I think that guest posting in the right way is still safe.

  3. Wow Superb infographic, Link building is always crucial part of any SEO campaign, in 2013 link building is getting harder due to Google Algo updates. Now spamming dont work & we need to build genuine links.

    • Jitendra, I’m glad you liked it.
      And thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I agree with you, link building is getting harder and harder, but it remains the essential part of an effective SEO campaign.

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