When to Send Emails to Your List [Infographic]

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When to Send Emails to Your List [Infographic]So you have an email list, uh?

Then you’ll probably wondering one of the most frequently asked question about email marketing: “When should I send my emails to my subscribers?”

You have to pick the right time among 24 hours, it isn’t that easy…
You got 2 main options to choose the time to send your emails:

a) You can make hypothesis and hope for the best.

b) You can test all the hours of the day, and see which is the best.

The first opion relies on your analysis (which may easily be wrong because you didn’t know a part of the equation) and on a stroke of luck.
The second requires you to run lots of tests, so it is time demanding and probly will cost you money.

Well, my friend, today I give you a third option that is quick, cheap and it works besides of your luck – I tested it many times, so you can be sure that it works.

It’s an amazing infographic by KISSmetrics which is build by using data about email marketing timing from Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella), Pure360 (@pure360) and HubSpot. Thank you guys!

Use this infographic like a crack addict (I did it) because it is really valuable, and it will make you earn more money if you use it in the right way.

Here it is our hero:

When to Send Emails to Your List

Now, it’s your turn ;)
When do you often send emails during the day? Is it working well for you?
Let’s talk in the comments section!

Mauro D’Andra

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  1. vkool says:

    I often send emails at the beginning of the day. When I turn on my computer, the first thing I do is to check my email. After that, I start replying all the emails I receive.

  2. The infographic is quite helpful and I can’t say that I have had results by sticking to it. However I think it would be wrong to assume that the infographic represents the best times to email your list. Each list and their interests are different and as such I believe should be treated differently.

    Each audience has unique demands and desires and the only way to find out what works best for each is to test. The analytics that most email marketing service providers should give sufficient insight into what works best for your audience.

    If you segment your list, there could be further implications to the best times to sending your segment emails and the frequency as well.

    Do you have insights into segmenting a list and determining their emailing preferences?

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  4. Syed says:

    Very nice info :)

    i often send two mails a day :D but now gonna think about what you have shared here !

    Thanks. Keep it up


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    When to Send Emails to Your List [Infographic]

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