What Type of Content Brings Links and Social Shares?

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What type of content brings links and social shares

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The special mantra to bring the visitors on your website is to get linked on the other websites and get social shares for your website content. But, does every kind of content bring backs links and social shares?

I guess not! There are millions and trillions of content based websites on the internet and only some of them actually bring the targeted visitors.

The secret behind creating a content which gets viral to bring you those links & shares is going to be revealed. I am going to sum up some of the content ingredients and aspects which can help you to create a special content which will bring backs links and social shares.

Most of them are very familiar to us but acts as a very important role in terms of creating such content. If you able to relate and combine more than the half of below pointers to sum up your content then you will definitely get the response from the users to convert your efforts. This ultimately brings visitors to your website and also helps to improve website ranks in search engines.

Valuable and Helpful Content to the Users

When users lands on your website and finds helpful information then they will often comeback either to read it or to share it or both. Content with valuable and helpful information is the key aspect which unlocks the doors for the users to share it across the other online platforms.

Having content with the complete information is not the only concern but it should be able to solve the user’s queries and give them the ultimate solutions. Users tend to link your websites and share it across their social platforms only when your content has tendency to give the proper details and help other users on the internet.

Thus, add content to your website which gives valuable information in terms of solving & answering user’s queries. Only then your content will have the better chance to be shared on other online platforms.

Engaging & Creative Content

The time spent on the website by the users determines the engagement factor of the content. Users will bounce back or leave the website more often if your content is boring and inappropriate. Make sure your content has call to actions which also includes options to take the tour of your websites. Bounce rate and average time on the website are the factors which determine the content creativity and engagement factor.

Writing content in the conversational manner always influence the users most. I read blogs to get myself updated in the online industry but, very few of them has conversational form of the content which makes me to share it on my social networks or link on my blog.

Quality & Unique Content

Well written, error free and well framed content is crucial for the better user experience. It determines the overall quality of the content. Hence, spending more time to create quality content is the need of the time and you will have to add extra value to your content to stands out from others. Refer the Secret Step-by-Step Process to Write Epic Content.

When it comes to the content writing the unique content always stands out. As per my experience the distinctiveness in the content has shown me the great results for my work.

After a series of Google Panda updates it is very clear that uniqueness has become the significant aspect for the content creation. Google’s Matt Cutts also announced that copying content from the Wikipedia will not help websites to rank better in Google.

Hence, make sure your content is unique. Check for the plagiarism before you publish it on your website or on any other website.

Latest News on Hot Topic or Niche Industry

It is but-obvious that latest hot news will create the buzz around its relevant industry, but if you are the first to put it online then the content story can get viral in no time.

It also depends on the domain authority of the website too as publishing your hot content on a well established website will be more productive than the just started websites. A well established site has good number of daily audience and it can bring more back links and social shares to the content publish on them.

Content Written for the Targeted Audience

Writing content for the targeted audience is important for the niche category websites as this has proven that it improves the conversions of the websites. The targeted audiences with the help of demographics & statistical data will help you to create a specific targeted content.

Demographics can be like location, age group, gender, personal information, their needs and their feedbacks. Selection of the demographics and statistics depends on the website serving area.

This strategy has been a successful for many bloggers and website owners. The conversions will happen even with low generated traffic. When you write purposely for the certain targeted users then it used to get found by the users easily and ultimately brings back links and social shares.

SEO Friendly Content

After the major update from Google called “Hummingbird” the scenario of search engine optimization has turned out to be a complex one for the content marketers to make the content SEO friendly. This update has affected 90% of user’s queries and based on the user intent, which leads to the change in the search results for the long tail conversational queries.

It is still important to optimize your content for SEO purpose but it should be more optimized for the users and less for the search engines. Writing for the users will turn out to be the best content generated by you. Write content with variables of the targeted keywords and use of latent semantic indexing techniques can be fruitful to conquer over content spam.

Attractive and Eye Catching Title

Most of us read the titles in the newspaper first and if it is eye catching (interesting) only then we use to read the whole article or the content it has, hence the same logic is applied for the online platforms too. Try to make an attractive and eye catching title for your content ultimately create a buzz in the minds of the user and makes them to share it across the other online platforms.

The content belongs to the attractive titles has to correlate with it. Without it users will bounce or leave the websites and can lose the trust. Hence, while you create eye catching title for your content make sure it correlates with your content.

Written by Famous Personality or Author in the Niche

People follow the famous and influential writers on the internet to keep the track of what they are posting next, where the most of them are editors and journalist and also the most followed. It’s hard to make them write content for your website, so make sure you have breaking news or something new to share with them to write.

I consider the authorship factor plays an important role for the content marketers. Google has already given option to claim the authorship of the content and a significant identity in the search results by displaying author image next to the search listings.

Thus, Claim your authorship if you haven’t. Write content on the regular basis and share it across Google plus to build followers so that they can share your new content across their network. This will help you to improve your author rank and visibility to your content.

Content Published on High Authority Sites

High authority sites can be evaluated as the websites which has high number of daily visitors and high frequency of engagement with users. I want to emphasis on the engagement because it is the one factor which allows any content to get maximum exposure.

Hence, publish your content on the high authority sites which can be done in the form of article submission, social bookmarking and majorly blogging. Guest posting is one of the content publishing method which can bring back links and social shares too.

Thorough Content

If users found thorough information when they lands on the website by any source of means then there are more chances that they bookmark the website, share it across their social platforms and link back to other websites.

There is an update called in depth articles section on Google searches where thorough content can get listed and users can find it for certain queries. This thorough content is majorly more than thousand words.

I read one survey about in depth articles where these in depth articles bring more social shares than the regular post on the websites which length is normally around four to five hundred words.

Infographics, Images & Videos

If you display information in the form of images, Infographics and videos then you reach to the diverse types of users on different online platforms. Infographics prominently is a showcase of information in the form of graphics and it has been used frequently as they are easy to understand the statistical data.

Users will use embedding option to share your creative Videos and Infographics which will generate back links and mentions on the other online platforms.

They say “Picture speaks louder than words” where users tend to share images across social platforms more frequently. Use quality images with your content wherever possible and make sure they are distinctive and shows a relationship to the content.

How To & Lists

Users use internet to get solutions and answers where content search in the form of “how to” are the most searched on the internet for e.g “How to knot a tie?” is general query they will often use on the search engines. Users need answers for their questions and writing content in the manner to solve their questions and giving them appropriate solutions will improve your website reliability and trust.

Writing the list of topics in the content is the preferred format by the content marketers. Which is also the most searched and shared by the users. For e.g “Top 10 movies of 2013”. Use “How to” and “Lists” type of content which has been already used by most of the bloggers since they successfully made an impact on the users to share it.

I hope these content aspects & factors will help you to write a special content on your website. If you have more pointers that you would like to mention in order to improve the content which brings back links & social shares then make sure you add it in the comments.

Author Bio:

Darshan BelosheDarshan Beloshe is SEO professional and Blogger over five years. He writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently he works for the company Justdial limited which is also known as JD.



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  1. It seems to be a very valuable thing for me to implement on my blog site..

  2. That’s great Darshan,
    Very informative post. you have explained every expected areas where we have to look in to and what kind of thing’s we have to keep in our mind to write content so that we can have links and social shares.
    Keep it up and do share such things to guide us.

    • I appreciate your response Rahul! Feels good when somebody appreciate your content and its importance. Sure! I would like to share more things in future.

  3. Rakhee says:

    I am also using same technique for my blog and really it works.With this my alexa site linking,Google backlink was also increased. Image promotion technique is also good option for backlink.Thanks for sharing such a nice post useful for SEO beginner including me :)

    • That’s Cool! You already got results for this techniques. Thanks for your valuable information. Yes, image optimization is one of the important technique which will brings you links & social shares.

  4. I still think at the end of the day – actionable content is what gets the most attention.

    • Hi Justin! I absolutely agree with you.. We can use above techniques to make it actionable.

  5. Hey Darshan, great post.
    Writing the kind of content your readers love is key.
    I find that if you mix it up a bit and vary not only the content type but also the style that the readers really appreciate it.

    • Thanks Ashley for your comment. Yes, writing the content that your audience is looking for is the key. I appreciate your takes on the content type and styling and i also thinks that it does matters.

  6. vumien says:

    Hi, Mauro D’Andrea
    I’am dificult in commenting on other blogs. I know that to be successful in developing my website, I have to increase traffic into my website. I love your blog post. after reading your post, I have some new ideas. Thanks you very much. Have a good day!

    • Hi Vumien, in reality this post is written by Darshan Beloshe, you should say thank you to him :)

  7. I pop on to your blog periodically to see if you’ve posted anything new. I love your work. :)
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  8. I think that, above all, the most important element to getting social shares for your blog is to know your audience, including what they want, how they want it and even when (or how often) they want it. This isn’t easy as most people don’t have degrees in marketing, something which would allow them to know how to go about finding out the Whats’, Hows’ and Whens’ of the the people there trying to write for.

    • Absolutely right Ken, I have to accept your point outs here in your comments. Even I do like to add the same to the content about audience requirements.

  9. Hi Darshan,
    Very nice post you written over here. Content is King. It’s true and every blogger should accept it concept. Every blog need good content without content blog looks like an empty page. All your points are here really good way to earn Back links and it necessary for every blogs too. Your writing skills is awesome and relevant. I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing this good content with us :)

    • Thanks Shailesh for your response. I am glad you liked my content and helped in any ways.

  10. Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you
    know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why
    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two
    different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  11. Highly Appreciated, I have to agree that content marketing requires a careful consideration of the things that might be happening in the future. And yes it is important indeed to know your intentions beforehand for you to have a clear picture of how your audience might relate to your content.

  12. Hi!
    I like the way you write, I would try your ideas as they sound great.

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    I appreciate the important tips forwarded by you. Hope to get continued reviews from you.

  14. Thanks for finally writing about >What Type of Content Brings Links
    and Social Shares? <Liked it!

  15. Good stuff. The huming update brought some new things to the search results, so optimizing for topics, its great, sometimes you do not even need a backlink to rank your story.

    • Yes! but up to some extent.. unless you have low competition. quality backlinks are still do matters.

  16. google says:

    This paragraph will help the internet people for setting up new blog or
    even a weblog from start to end.

  17. Nailed it, you got it all! I don’t have anything to add on those list.
    You really applied them on this post, no wonder it has a lot of shares. :)

  18. Hi Darshan,

    Loved the post. It contains lot of valuable information explained in a way that is pretty easy to understand.

    I completely agree with you when you say that writing content that is useful to your Blog site visitors should be a top priority for all Bloggers.

    What does help capture a site visitors attention, as you’ve rightly mentioned, is delivering the useful / helpful content in an engaging and creative way.

    The link to Mauro D’Andrea Blog post took me to another informative and helpful Blogsite. Thanks heaps.


    Ivan Bayross

    • Hi Ivan, Pretty much happy to see response like this. I am bit late on response but appreciate your comment here.

  19. Thanks for sharing informative article. All these things really helpful for me and other also too. I think content is the best part of blogs. I’ll implement these points on my blogging site.
    Thanks for sharing valuable post with us.

    • Thank you Dinesh for your comment. I hope these information will help you to produce great content on your blog.

      • Hi Darshan Beloshe,

        A very nice article it is ;) Keep Up the Great Work Thanks !!

  20. Hi Darshan,

    What an excellently written and well laid out Blog post. I’m glad I spent time on the site and read through this Blog post it really added a great deal of value to me.

    As you’ve so succinctly put it, unless you have – Valuable And Helpful Content – for your Blog post readers, no one will feel the urge to share your Blog post content on their social media accounts. BTW I’m going to share this Blog post on my social media accounts for sure, it really has great information.

    Oh sure, today it’s just not enough to have – Valuable And Helpful Content – its also necessary to deliver this content with a touch of humor, add appropriate images maybe a podcast or video to help engage the reader.

    These elements really make a Blog post sticky which grabs and holds the attention of the reader.

    Thanks heaps for sharing Darshan. I’m definitely going to come back to check out new Blog posts you write.


    Ivan Bayross

    • Hey Ivan, I am glad that you liked the blog post and it is helping you in a way. Yes, useful and creative content pieces on the blog will attract more people and encourage them to share it on social media.

  21. My family members every time say that I am killing my
    time here at net, but I know I am getting experience all the
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  22. Hi Darshan,
    Excellent tips to get maximum content share on social media. Quality and Unique content always gets maximum share. All tips you mention here also great to get maximum share.

    Thanks for the great sharing.

  23. Hi Darshan,
    Thanks for the great sharing.

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  25. A thoroughly written tips for content marketing! To make it more search engine friendly internal and external links should also be integrated carefully which can help in more exposure of your content.

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  27. Sylvia says:

    My struggle in this area is first finding the right influencers to approach and second, figuring out how to get my chosen post(s) in front of their eyes. Suggestions?

    • Hi Sylvia,
      If you have great content to share then there will be more influencers who will accept your request. A good engagement with influencers will eventually help us to gain more trust. So the question come in to mind now is that how to do this. I would suggest to always provide valuable information to them. The helping hand from you will save you when you need help. I hope this will help.

  28. Informative Article Sir!
    Images are always proved as best source to attain users attention. according to different surveys performed. Images perform 200% better then text content as far as Facebook advertising is concerned

  29. Hello Darshan,
    You have provided such a great tips to get increase in social shares & links. if content is unique & informative then definitely one will get maximum share.

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  34. Jimmy says:

    I completely agree. Quality content is becoming ever more important these days, especially if you want to engage with your audience and encourage them to share! Thanks for the tips, I will be putting these to good use!

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