The Secret Step-by-Step Process to Write Epic Content

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Write Epic Content

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Do you struggle to write some compelling posts?

I know: it’s quite hard to keep writing quality posts.
Of course, you can write a compelling post once in a while, but you find quite hard to replicate your success.

You are wondering how some bloggers can make so many fantastic articles.
Right when you think that one of them just made his best post, he shows an even better masterpiece!
How can they get a standing ovation for each post?

You’d like to know their secrets – as people want to know the Coca-Cola secret ingredients.
You are pretty sure that they know something that you are missing out.

You want to consistently make the same epic posts that they make.
That kind of posts can help you to achieve the success you want – engage your audience, get more comments and shares, be recognized as an authority, get backlinks and many more.

Maybe I got some good news for you ;)

But, before let me ask you one question:

How Much Time Did You Invest in Your Last Post?

45 minutes?
1 hour?
2 hours?

It sounds like a lot of time.
After all, it was just one post.

Do you know how much time I invested in my last guest post for Firepople Marketing?

About 20-30 hours!
Ok, that was an insane post, but most of my posts take me many hours.

I’m not the only to do that: many successful bloggers invest many hours in their posts.

Epic Content Requires Time

If you want to make something epic you have to spend time on it.
You can’t avoid that.
If remarkable goals didn’t require time, everyone would accomplish them, and they wouldn’t be truly remarkable.

That works for your posts, your podcast series, your videos and your roast – especially I would put much time in the roast: crude meat is quite unhealthy, and it has a horrible taste!

How to Write Epic Content Step-by-Step

Time and energies are crucial to make an epic post, but if you don’t use them in the right way you’ll waste them.
My motto is “the best results with the least effort”.

I want to share with you the way to maximize your efficiency, so you can make your best posts without selling your soul.
I outlined the 6 step process that I use every time I want to make an outstanding post.

1. Find One Problem

All starts with problems. If there weren’t problems, we wouldn’t need to solve them!

People search information to solve their problems.
People search solutions to their problems.

The best thing that you can do is to give people what they want.
Why do you think I’m writing this post? :)

I’m writing it because you want to know how to produce impressive content.

To make something extraordinary you have to give value to people.
To give value to people you can do two things:

If you can accomplish both of them, you are going to win the full jackpot :)

Focus on solving problems because it’s the most effective approach in content marketing – if you want to sell your stuff, this is preferred approach.
Anyway giving good emotions can work well in certain niches, like the entertainment one.

You may wonder: “How do I find the one problem to talk about?”

You have countless ways to find the answer:

  • Read the comments on your blog.
  • Read the comments on other blogs.
  • Think about the problems you encountered.
  • Look at successful products/courses
  • Ask to people

With these few suggestions you have potentially infinite problems to write about.

2. Offer the Solution

Ok, now that you know that people have a certain problem you want to offer them the solution(s).
If you just write about the problem, but you don’t offer the solution, people won’t pay attention to you.

Try to offer an excellent solution.
The more practical your solution is, the better it is for people.

Add as many details as you can.
Assume that people who read your stuff don’t know anything about that topic.

Step-by-step solutions are what work the best – did you notice that this post is a step-by-step solution to one problem? :)

Offering a solution means that you already applied what you say and that it works.
There is no way you can skip that.
Don’t suggest something that you didn’t try: it won’t work.

That lead us to say that you need to solve a problem by yourself before you can talk about that.
If you can’t solve your problem, you won’t help other people with that problem.

3. Edit your post

Once you finish your post, read it and re-read it.
While you are writing you may make many mistakes.
It’s non-negotiable: you have to edit your posts.

Especially if you are writing in a non-native language you need to put much attention in this step.
I’m not a native English speaker so I need to edit my posts carefully once I write them.
Sometimes I spend more time editing a post than writing it.

Even if you write in your native language, you can always re-write some of your sentences better.

You can add something that you forgot or you can improve the structure of your post.

4. Include Images, Videos and Links

Do you want to make a masterpiece?

If you do, you need to enrich your posts.
Think about your post like a Christmas tree: you have to put many decoration on it.
Images, videos and links are your decorations.

With images you can better explain your concepts and your ideas.
As you know “One picture is worth thousand words”.
Don’t insert random images that distract your visitors, insert relevant images that add value to your posts.

Videos work even better than images for explaining your concepts.
If you can insert a relevant video to your posts, do it.
The best examples, to help you understand the role of videos, are tutorials: a written tutorial is not as useful as a video tutorial.

The last decorations are links.
Links are perfect to give people additional information.
You can’t know everything, so it’s ok to provide other useful sources of information.
To provide the maximum amount of value you should tell people where to find complementary information.

Notice that not only links to other blogs are useful, but also interlinks improve the quality of your content (interlinks are links between the posts on your blog).

How many images, videos and links should you add to your posts?
It depends.

Your goal is to make an exhaustive post, so insert as many links, images and videos as you need to reach your goal.
Sometime it takes 2 links; sometimes it takes 5 links, 8 images and 1 video.

5. Forget About Your Post

Once you complete the 4th step, your post is complete, but wait, don’t publish it.
It’s complete, but it’s not the best post you can make :)

You can bring it even further.
Right after you finish it, you can’t see what you can improve.
Don’t worry, it’s normal: you just need a break.

Take one entire day of break from your post. ENTIRE DAY.
In this way, you’ll take off your mind from your post.

That will bring you an objective perspective when you examine your post.
Your mind will also produce fresh ideas.

Work on something else…or just go to the park with your friends/kids/pets.

6. Improve Your Post

After the day off from your post, you have a detached point of view to better analyze your work.
Start with a calm and slow reading.

While reading try to adopt this mentality: “If I didn’t know anything about the topic of the post, what would I understand and what would seem confused?”.
That mentality will help you to make your post so clear that even people who are not really familiar about the topic will understand.

The clearer your post is, the better.

Once you finish reading and changing your post ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can I do to better communicate my ideas?
  • How can I improve the post?
  • Can I make the content better than it is now?
  • Is there anything that I forgot?

Answer those questions and you’ll surprised by the improved version of your post.

How Much Time Will the 6 Steps Take You?

I guess that you already know the answer: it depends.

You may need 2 days to write your post or you may need an entire week.
Don’t rush, take your time.
It takes the time that it takes.

Ok, using this strategy you’ll publish fewer posts, but I can assure you that the quality of your posts will dramatically improve.
That will translate in more shares, more readers, more comments and more backlinks.

Try it, you’ll touch the results with your hands.

Up to You

What are your biggest issues when it comes to make high quality content?
What is holding you from reaching the sky?
Let’s talk in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mauro D’Andrea

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  1. Hi Mauro!

    Thank you for linking to my post :)

    Also, I think that these steps are great! In fact, I’d like to improve my posts by adding more images to them.


    PS. I tried to mail you, but the mail bounced back … the e-book review is still on :)

    • Mauro D'Andrea says:

      Hi Timo! You are welcome! And your post is great ;)

      That’s awesome: images can truly improve many posts – of course there are some post, like this one, where they are not really useful.
      Given that you are a quite productive guest blogger, I’ll share with you this tip: I noticed that there are some bloggers who give a huge important to images.
      You can try to use them in your next guest posts.

      That’s strange…I’ll send you an email with a different account. This is a great news! :D

      • Thanks for the handy tips, These elements will help me to boost my internet marketing campaign.

  2. Izzy says:

    Mauro this is great :).

    I think the piece of this that stuck out to me the most is “wait a day”. I love that! I often spend hours upon hours on a post – but I really want to get it done in 1 day. I’ll sometimes spend 4 or 5 hours. The problem is that later I often find changes I would have made (after it goes live).

    Often they are subtle. But they are still present. If I want to provide truly outstanding content then everything counts.

    I’m going to use your “Step away for a day” strategy. I do the other things but have not done this intentionally.

    • Mauro D'Andrea says:

      Thank you Izzy!

      I understand: we want to make outstanding posts as soon as possible :)

      Like you, before this approach, I wanted to finish my posts in one day.
      Then I tried to slow down, and the results were much better. Since there I’ve loved this strategy.

      When you relax and take the time that you need to make your work, you drastically improve your post quality.

      I’m sure you’ll get great results with that strategy ;)

  3. Brilliant, I knew that it would need a lot of time and patience to write a rich content, what i didn’t know that it would take a lot more effort, time and patience than I have ever imagined. A big lesson learnt here! Thanks Mauro!

    • You’re welcome, Nischhal.

      The problem is that few people tell you this kind of things. Many people say to you that you have to make great content, but most of them don’t tell you how much time you do need to put in it.

      Luckily, now you know :)

  4. Madhu says:

    Nice post. This is really interesting article for improve article posting. This is great information site improve article writing. Thanks for the sharing

  5. Hi Mauro. I found this post through Donna Moritz @sociallysorted tweet. Anyway, this contains great tips. Thank you very much.

    Just a heads up, In your number four tip, I noticed the spelling of your Christmas three. That’s all.

    I also agree that using this steps might slow down the number of posts to be published, but Google will love you more for it, because by not taking shortcuts, you are guaranteeing a creation that contains quality.

    • My pleasure!

      Thank you! Ops, I didn’t notice that…that would be an F in the grammar test, I’ll correct it now.

      You got the point: it’s not about having a huge amount of content, it’s about having high quality content.

  6. Absolutely recommend leaving anything (important) you write for at least a day before you proof read/edit it. Another tip is to read it out loud as your tongue will slip on issues in a way your eye won’t (because your mind knows what you intended).

  7. vkool says:

    In order to have epic content, bloggers should be in a special emotion when they are writing. For example, if they are writing about love, they should be missing their lovers because they are living far from each other. I believe so.

  8. Sai says:

    After doing a little research, I found we can write epic content only after some good research on specific topic. Your points are very true, thanks for share mauro.

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  15. Thanks for the handy tips, These elements will help me to boost my internet marketing campaign.

  16. You’re welcome. I’m sure about that ;)


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